Our Classes


All Level: Currently, all of our classes are being offered as "all level" for beginning to all levels of continuing students. We have experienced teachers who will adjust the class offerings to meet the needs of students in attendance. Please use the "pace" of the class to determine what would be most comfortable for you. New beginners are welcome to join any class, but are asked to check-in with the teacher before class.


Gentle - class will emphasize a gentle pace

Gentle/Moderate - class will combine a gentle program with more moderately paced yoga as appropriate for students in attendance

Moderate - class will emphasize a moderate pace

Moderate/Vigorous - class will combine a moderate program with more vigorously paced yoga as appropriate for students in attendance

STYLES of HATHA YOGA WE TEACH: You will experience a blend of several of the following styles of Yoga in our classes.

"It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence." B.K.S. Iyengar

"This Yoga (Restorative) is different. You have to experience it to understand how deeply relaxing it is!" K.S.

"Yoga postures will look and feel different in different bodies,...this is not just about flexibility, this is also about anatomy & skeletal structure."

Paraphrased from Paul Grilley

"I am, in fact, a pilgrim on the path of love."


"The essence of spiritual practice is the practice of self-observation with love (without judgment)."

Swami Kripalu

Kripalu Yoga: There is an equal emphasis on physical postures (asanas), breathing technique/breathwork (pranayama), mindfulness practice (present moment awareness), and relaxation technique. There are three stages to Kripalu Yoga: 1) to develop body awareness & best alignment & breath technique, 2) to improve present moment awareness and learn to attune to internal sensations and allow your body to direct you as to when to deepen each posture, and 3) to learn to attune to the internal flow of energy (prana) and gradually move into "meditation in motion", a more intuitively-guided flow.

Yin Yoga: A specific approach to physical posture work (asana) that emphasizes longer holdings and individual adjustments to alignment. Yin Yoga is skillfully blended in to many of our classes to provide students with a tool to access deep, but safe openings in their bodies. This Yoga not only helps to optimize muscle stretch; it gently massages and opens other tissues such as tendons, ligaments, and fascia. Because of the long posture hold times, Yin Yoga is a naturally meditative practice.

Restorative Yoga: A Yoga that calms the central nervous system, quiets the mind, and strengthens the immune system (promotes healing). Restorative Yoga is a "passive" posture (asana) practice that teaches you how to go into deep relaxation. It's "passive" because we use Yoga props (blankets, blocks, cushions) to safely & deeply rest the body into various Yoga postures and restore the body's natural balance & equanimity. Restorative Yoga is for everyone; there is no prior Yoga experience needed. It is particularly good for anyone dealing with low energy due to stress overload or illness. Restorative Yoga is also an excellent complimentary practice for students who routinely engage in a more vigorous Yoga routine or other athletic workout.

Alignment-Based Hatha Yoga: Each class gradually builds upon the previous one with postures to stretch, strengthen, and promote balance and flexibility within the body. We provide options for modification of postures and prop use so that each student may find the alignment that works best for their body. Using postures, breath techniques, & meditation, each class will help you to gently open the body and focus the mind.