Getting Started

"The perfect time to start a Yoga practice is now. You do not need the perfect body; you only need your body." K. Boger

  • New to Yoga? Most of our classes are open to beginners. If you have flexibility issues or are working with chronic conditions (such as arthritis), you are welcome to email us or come in a few minutes before class to speak with an instructor. Many of our students have these issues and we are experienced in providing instruction on how to modify the poses to make the practice safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for everyone.

  • How long does it take to experience the benefits of a Yoga practice? The experience will be different for each individual student. Depending on your natural body awareness, comfort with movement, flexibility, etc., it can take a while before you start to feel the real benefits of a Yoga practice. Typically, you will begin to feel the benefits of the deep relaxation the practice brings after a few classes and within six to eight weeks you will see improvement in flexibility, strength, and balance. You should plan to take a minimum of 4 to 6 classes before you make up your mind about whether to continue. You will also find it helpful to consult with your teacher about any questions that arise.

  • Private Lessons: New beginners and those working with injuries/illness who would feel most comfortable working one-on-one with an instructor are encouraged to take a few private lessons. Most students are able to move into our classes after 3 private sessions (3-6 sessions are recommended). Pay ahead for 3 private lessons and receive a discount. See Private Lessons.

  • Working with a recent injury or illness? We have had students join us after a car accident, an injury or after back or knee surgery. Others have been in recovery from illnesses such as Lyme disease and cancer. In these situations, you will want to consult with your doctor about the right time to begin/return to Yoga practice. In teaching Yoga, we have a concept called "working at your edge". Kathryn likes to tell students, especially those working with difficult situations, to " work from the soft side of the edge". That means moving into a posture slowly, and mindfully, and learning to listen to the inner wisdom of your body. Working in this way promotes healing and overall well-being.

  • What to eat/drink/wear? Eat lightly, preferably two hours before class. Drink plenty of water before and after class. you may bring bottled water into the classroom. Wear loose, or stretchy comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. In colder weather, wear layers that can be removed when the body warms up and put back on for cool down/relaxation.

  • What to bring? Bring your own Yoga mat or use one of ours. All Yoga props, including blankets (wool/cotton blend) are provided. Some students choose to bring their own blanket or eye pillow. Bring whatever will make you most comfortable!

  • Bring a friend! Beginning a Yoga practice with a friend can be fun and can also help you stick with your commitment to practice. But even if you join on your own, you will soon meet a few friends in class. At the Yoga Studio, we practice in a supportive and non-competitive environment and our students are warm and friendly!