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Sensible light shows things to our senses.  The intellectual light is to manifest the truth which is contained in thoughts.  But those who receive the spiritual or supernatural Light, perceive what is beyond all intellect.  They participate in the divine energies and become themselves, in a sort, Light.  When they unite to the Light they see with it in full all that is hidden from those who have not seen the grace of Light.  The Uncreated Light is the Light where God makes Himself manifest to those who enter into union with Him.


St. Gregory Palamas (1296 / 1359)


An Eastern Christian prayer to be said in front of an Icon


Holy Paraclete, Giver of Life, Eternal God:  Mercifully bestow on us the Grace of the Life-giving Energies of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ; and let us live as faithful children of the Light, so that we – finally beholding the unfading beauty of the Vision of the uncreated Light, becoming partakers by Grace of the Divine Nature, and being transformed into the glorious Likeness of our Creator – may on the awesome Day of Judgment be reckoned among the august company of His Mother, our Lady and Queen, and all others in whom the Love of God has been perfected, and worship and bask forever in the refulgence of the true Glory.  Amen.

O Theotokos, the shadow of the Law passed away when grace came, for as the bush burned without being consumed, so you gave birth while a virgin and remained a virgin.  In place of the pillar of fire there arose the Sun of Righteousness; in place of Moses came Christ God, the Savior of our souls.