Each month the Window Gallery features work by a local artist, followed by work from our artists-in-residence. Located in our shed, to be viewed from 2nd Street, the Window Gallery is always open.

Dominique Ferraton
Sailboat: 1-9, April 18th-30th, 2017

“Sailboat: 1-9” is a study of shape, shadow and repetition inspired by the ocean and the art of paper-folding. Each of the drawings illustrates one of the nine steps required to make a basic origami sailboat. Folded and unfolded again, the paper reveals nothing more than an increasing number of geometric shapes, repeated as cut-out triangles of various sizes below. 

Dominique Ferraton is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal. Her work explores landscapes, soundscapes, and our relationship with the sights and sounds in our environment.

Roy Small
April 1st-15th, 2017
Patchwork Puppets: Lion, Gopher, Empress of China, Carpenter (from the film, Button Pill), Pretty Polly, Rene Levesque, Queen Elizabeth, Pierre Trudeau, The Law, Joey the Clown, Shadow Figure Dancer.  

Enchanted with puppets since childhood, Roy Small grew up and became a professional  puppeteer, working in theatres, on the streets and in films and television, making puppets, writing plays, designing and building theatres and sets for his own puppet shows and for other companies as well. In 1966, Roy formed his own company with Lynette Maurice called Patchwork Puppets, one of the few professional companies in Canada at the time.  

Alex Tedlie-Stursberg, The Sun is a Light, 32 Miles Across
Three new works presented between March 24th to 30th

Not Waving, But Drowning 
Found Styrofoam

Utopian Lump
Found Styrofoam/Expanding Foam/Found Objects/Ping Pong Balls/Flotsam

The Seagull and The Starfish
Found Styrofoam/Plaster/Acrylic Paint/Starfish/Flotsam

Alex Tedlie-Stursberg is a post-medium artist residing in Vancouver, BC.
Working mostly with assemblage, using various forms of cultural iconography and material appropriation, his practice looks at relationships of value in society, demonstrating their interconnectivity and mutual dependency.