Widow Gallery

Viewed from 2nd Street, each month the Art Shed's purpose built front window features work by a local artist, followed by work from our artists-in-residence. Sometimes we also show work by friends and aquaintances who live elsewhere and who haven't done our residency...yet! Please see a few examples from past shows below, and check out our social media feeds for more. 

Nathan Randall Green, 2020 

Adriana Kuiper and Ryan Suter,  2021

Leah Rosenberg, 2021 

Kimberly Sutherland, 2022 

Dawn Dudek, 2022 

Anissa Reed (Sointula), 2020 

Travis Freeman,  2018 

Alexandra Morton (Sointula), November 2018

Michael Denman (Sointula),  2018'Kantele' (national instrument of Finland). Locally sourced cedar and yew wood

Kathleen Blohm (Sointula),  2018

Ross Weaver (Sointula),  2017

Kathy Hamilton & Alden Barnett (Sointula),  2017

Erica Conly & Sean Prcyk,  2017 

Jen Lash (Sointula), 2017

Jenny Hyslop (Sointula),  2017

Michael Barker, 2017

Ash Ferlito,  2017

Dominique Ferraton, 2017Sailboat: 1-9
Eisert Hall (Sointula), 2017Sun Gold and Triptychs
Alex Tedlie-Stursberg , 2017 Utopian Lump, Found Styrofoam/Expanding Foam/Found Objects/Ping Pong Balls/Flotsam
Will Saltau (Sointula),  2017Halloween lanterns.  Recycled flotsam floats