Songs In The Shed

Songs in the Shed is a web-based music performance series where local and touring musicians are invited to perform a song in, or near, our shed. We post the song video and/or audio tracks links to our Youtube channel, so please check back for more Songs in the Shed!

Ellen Adams

Song In The Shed coming soon...

Jenny Banai

Backyard concert, August 2018

Audio clip coming soon...

Evan Hardy improvisation.

Nina Vroeman performing ‘Snakeskin’

Have a look at the video Nina made for this song during her residency.

Hello, Blue Roses performing the Kevin Ayers song‘Hymn’.

Leah Abramson performing her new song ‘Deep Blue’

Pat LePoidevin with Matt Sarty and Lewis Smith performing Caliente, CA, from the new album ‘American Fiction’, in a black cab owned by Colin Ritchie in our neighbouring town of Alert Bay.