Songs in the Shed is a web-based music performance series where local and touring musicians are invited to perform a song in, or near, our shed.  We post the song video and/or audio tracks here and on our Youtube channel, so please check back for more Songs in the Shed!  

Songs In The Shed, Episode 8: Clerestory.

Songs In The Shed, Episode 7: Emma Rush.

Songs In The Shed, Episode 6: Leeroy Stagger.

Songs In The Shed, Episode 5: Evan Hardy improvisation.
Songs In The Shed, Episode 4: Nina Vroeman performing ‘Snakeskin’

Have a look at the video Nina made for this song during her residency.

For more check out her website.

Songs In The Shed, Episode 3: Hello, Blue Roses performing the Kevin Ayers song‘Hymn’.  For more information on Hello, Blue Roses, please see here.
Songs In The Shed, Episode 2: Leah Abramson performing her new song ‘Deep Blue’  For more about Leah, please see here.

Songs In The Shed, Episode 1: Pat LePoidevin with Matt Sarty and Lewis Smith performing Caliente, CA, from the new album ‘American Fiction’, in a black cab (!) owned by Colin Ritchie in our neighbouring town of Alert Bay. 

More information on Pat LePoidevin here.