Who are the ROAD ANGELS?

We are the ROAD ANGELS street rod club of Portland, Oregon.
The Road Angels is one of the earliest organized, post WWII, hot rod clubs in Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. The original group was formed in Portland in 1950 and officially became the Road Angels in 1951. It was one of the founding clubs that organized the Columbia Timing Association (CTA).
The original club began to dissolve as members gradually left to focus more on building their families and fortunes in the late 1950s. Some of the original members decided to resurrect the club in 1988. Initially, the new club was formed as a pre-'49 only street rod club. While that is still the club's continuing theme, it has recognized the increase in popularity of later model street machines and many members own either, or both, period cars. Regardless of the type of cars, the current Road Angels club remains active and thriving.
Club members meet for monthly meetings and schedule several cruises, tours and events each year. Membership is limited to an agreed upon number and potential new members must be "sponsored" by an existing club member. The club is family oriented and while the construction, ownership and enjoyment of the cars is still at the core of the club's heart, its members and the friendships they develop have become the club's most important attribute.    
The Road Angels club is proud of its heritage and seeks to retain its connection to those early days of hot rodding with its family and friends.
 Welcome to the website home of the Portland ROAD ANGELS street rod club!

The cars and the people

The Road Angels have always been known for their outstanding cars. No trailer queens - they're all driven and enjoyed. While a collection of their trophies and awards would fill a garage, you're most likely to see one or more of them on the road or at many of the Northwest's most scenic and historic destinations.
One of the club's favorite things to do is visit the region's many wineries throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. Taking in the beautiful countryside and vinyards along the way, we're never in a hurry. It's as much the journeys as the destinations.
From events on the lawn in Victoria, B.C. to local tours and birthday parties, the Road Angels have a good time. The club is like family. Ages range from the 30s to the 80s but there's no generation gap when it comes to having a good time.
So follow along with us as we continue our journeys and enjoyment of those cherished street rods, street machines and the fun we have together. While club membership is limited, invited friends of members are welcome to join the group on selected events. We look forward to meeting other rodders to share experiences. HAPPY HOT RODDING!