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New Zealand Geology
Printed 1985
 Re-printed 1995
Either book is a must for all rockhounds!

This book describes to travellers, the general public and beginners in geology in New Zealand  something of the tremendous variety of our rocks, minerals and fossils and describes what to look for in many areas where rock formations are prominent. It covers the history of New Zealand from its beginnings on the sea floor some 600 million years ago to its present patchwork landscape of volcano, range and plain.

This land was formed from many different layers of rock - volcanic flows, forest debris, ocean mud. All these have special characteristics, which are explained and illustrated to enable readers to find the layers and understand their origins and what they can tell us about the landscapes of the past. The crystals that grew in the rocks and the remains of living cratures that were preserved are also illustrated and described.

Written in simplified terms, it includes an introductory chapter on general geology, a geological time chart and quick reference maps of the North Island and the South Island for travellers.


Examines New Zealand's fascinating geology. Almost every kind of rock found on Earth can be seen in New Zealand, and most of the common minerals too. This guide will help you recognise and make sense of common (and some rare) rocks and minerals found on beaches and hillsides, in streams and elsewhere.


Fossils are objects of fascination and, in many cases, beauty. They also tell us the history of this planet, about extinction, evolution, climate and environmental change, earthquakes, and continental drift. Fossils are the words on the pages of Earth's diary! The "Kiwi Fossil Hunter's Handbook" is for anyone who wants to get out there and discover their own fossils. It features localities from around New Zealand where fossils can be seen, and includes detailed directions, lots of photos, three mini pull-out posters, and interesting stories about the ancient life found at each site

 When the rock-hunting, gem polishing hobby hit New Zealand its devotees were lucky: this country, while producing no fully precious stones, has a rich range of semi-precious stones to delight the collector. This book, by two of New Zealands most sucessfull collectors and gem-processers gives the new comer full and authoritative guidance on the stones available, in what areas they maybe found, their tumbling, polishing, cutting and setting; gives useful practical advice on the construction of tablr-tops, lamps jewellery etc. Published in 1966 this book is still a very popular amongst the rockhounding community.
These books now only appear now on online auction sites or as part of old rockhound collectors collections. So keep an eye out for it!
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Dinosaur Footprints have been found for the first time in New Zealand in the Nelson district. The finding of the foot prints also indicates for the first time that dinosaurs lived in the South Island. Youtube Click Here FOOTPRINT
New Zealand Rocks
New Zealand's amazing geology as seen on the new QMAP series. Fieldwork footage courtesy of Richard Jongens.
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The Fossils of New Zealand: Remnants of a Lost Continent -Craig Dylke- Royal Tyrrell Museum - Speaker Series 2011 youtube video Click here FOSSILS
Art of stone tumbling & polishing  Possibly the best description on how to tumble stones. YouTube video Click here TUMBLING
    Make your own vibralap by Dave Cattermole -  Dave describes how to make a vibralap his way and with everyday materials. Click here to find our how VIBRALAP

Joan Wiffen and her fossils
Joan Wiffen and colleagues were famous for finding fossils at Mangahouanga Stream, in north-west Hawke’s Bay. Dr James Crampton, paleontologist at GNS Science, outlines some of the marine reptiles and dinosaur fossils they found. He explains why dinosaur fossils are so rare in New Zealand and how hard they are to extract from the rock.
From Science Learning Sparking Fresh Thinking
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 Zealandia the ancient continent of New Zealand -
Auckland Museum New Zealands striking landscape has been shaped by volcanic activity dating back over 500 million years. From the huge eruptions that created many of our most iconic landscape features such as Lake Taupo, Rangitoto Island and Mt Ruapehu, the presence of volcanic forces can be seen far and wide across the country. The Zealandia video plays in the Volcanoes gallery at Auckland YouTube Video
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Brovey Mapping Services

Checkout the free self drive tab. Here you will find geological tours of Southland, Otago, West Coast and North Isalnd. Also has a video of White Island volcano.
Click on the link below.
FAULT LINES A special feature about the residents of Canterbury, beginning at the moment when they were jolted awake at 4.35am on Saturday 4 September 2010, and exploring what happened in the days and weeks which followed. The focus of the 50-minute programme is on the personal experiences of those affected. (42′04″) Radio NZ Audio Click Here FAULTLINE


Hamish Campbell talks on Radio New Zealand about various geological topics. This link will take you to the RNZ page where serval of Hamish's talks are located Click Here HAMISH

 University of Otago Geology Department
The dynamic geology of the South Island of New Zealand is regarded with fascination by earth scientists the world over.

Teaching and Research carried out by staff and students in the Geology Department at the University of Otago in Dunedin emphasises process-related research tied to the fast tempo of 'active' earth science in the South Island, and to the evolution of our unique New Zealand biota. Click here to find out more

Otago University Geology



This magazine was printed when rockhounding was at a high. These books have much local information on rocks and rockhounding in New Zealand. To view this magazine it is probably better to download and manipulate using pdf.
Magazines from 1972 to 1988 and from 1998 to 2000 are represented here. There are copies missing so if you have one please scan and send to me.


 Jocelyn Thornton
Orginally published in 1985 in the Mobil New Zealand nature series.
This is a large  pdf file best to download.
Click here GEMSTONES

Agates  of New Zealand
by Malcolm Luxton
A new book by Malcolm Luxton. Malcolm has been collecting and polishing agates for many years and is owner of the 'Agate Orphanage' in Ashburton.
Malcolm wrote about and photographed 
all the pictures in the book. 
A must for all rockhounds!
It contains 340 pages with 840 images in full colour.
Printed on 126gsm art paper, hard cover with head and tail bands. 250mm x 250mm.
The book features only NZ agates, discusses generally the types of agate found in New Zealand  and has chapters and photo galleries dedicated to the main agate locations in New Zealand. Cost is $80 (NZ) plus shipping.

If you want you copy please contact Malcolm by clicking on this link....


or by writing to Malcolm to at
9a Carters Terrace, Ashburton 7700.
New Zealand.