The Otago Rock and Mineral Club Inc.

Rangiatea Station Agates

Next meeting Thursday October 6th at the Hall, 7:30pm

53 Malvern Street, Woodhaugh

Rodonite - Akatore

Agate - North Otago

Ryholite with agate nodules - Mt Somers

Fossil tree fern - Southland

The Otago Rock and Mineral Club Inc. is for all those who have a love of collecting or have an interest in rocks, minerals and fossils.

We are located at: 53 Malvern Street, Glenleith, Dunedin.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month (except January) at the hall in Malvern Street.


Field Trips - these are normally held on the Sunday following Thursdays meeting, unless otherwise advised. Check out the page - What we get up to.

Newsletter : The Fossil - this is published each month, before the monthly meeting, and is sent out by email to all financial club members. This useful newsletter contains information on club activities and articles on geology and rockhounding.

The Otago Rock and Mineral Club on You Tube - want to know a little more Violet D made this video as part of her anthropology paper.

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Lots of information on rockhounding in New Zealand. The old magazine Rockhunter has been scanned and uploaded!

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Up coming New Zealand Club Shows and Events.

More information about shows listed here can be found here on the

New Zealand Club Shows & Events Page


Tauranga Gem and Mineral Club: 7-9 October

National Show 2022 14th – 16th October 2022, Canterbury Mineral & Lapidary Club; Woolston Club.

National Show 2023 Marlborough Rock & Mineral Club

National Show 2024: Mineral Club of Hutt Valley Wellington


Gemboree 2023 Australia: Dayboro, Queensland: April 7-10

Gemboree 2024: South Australia

A timely reminder - Recent issues have arisen from rockhounds, or so called rockhounds, entering private property around the Mt Barossa, Clent Hills, Woolshed Creek and the Mt Somers area . These so called rockhounds are causing land damage, disturbing stock and most upsetting threatening owners and their property. True rockhounds do not do this!


If you are going onto private land ask the land owners permission if the answer is no respect the owners wishes and move on. Not being able to locate the landowner does not give you the right to enter the property.

The Police, Landowners, DOC are monitoring these areas physically and with the aid of electronic monitoring equipment.

Olivine in Basalt - Hyde

Orbicular Granite - Antarctica

Agate - Gawler Downs

Amethyst nodule - Mt Barossa