The World's finest woodwind care products

The Maker’s Choice Products are a premium range of musical instrument oils and waxes that are available only from The School of Piping Shop. They are based upon traditional formulas used by European Instrument Makers, but have been chemically engineered using modern methods and use only all natural, pharmaceutical grade organic ingredients without changing the original nature of the product.

Wooden musical instruments require regular care and cleaning. These products will provide the wood with a natural barrier against excessive moisture absorption during playing or moisture loss to the atmosphere. The products will leave your instrument with a natural lustre that only the highest quality ingredients can provide.

There is no better protection for a quality wooden instrument than The Maker's Choice range of products.

  • Instrument Bore Oil
  • Exterior Wax
  • Joint Lubricant/Cork Grease
  • Accessories

Email: schoolofpiping@gmail.com to purchase any of our premium range.