Residential Members

Residential Members

The residential members of the Mac House (aka the "Mackies") are the folks that currently reside at the Mac House. We include Cincinnati natives and folks from around the country and together represent a wide range of interests and involvement. You can contact the residential members at and learn more about each of us below.

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Nick - Resident since September 2010

What I do all day: I am a 7th grade Math teacher at Dater High School. I try to incorporate service learning and meaningful projects into the curriculum whenever I can.

Favorite time of year: Spring is great with all the planning and planting. Summer is beautiful with the warm temperatures. Fall is great for the large harvest season, and winter rocks to take a break and relax indoors. Then, it all starts over again!

Places I've lived: I am from Texas and have lived in Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador... I currently live in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio and wouldn't change it for anything.

My favorite thing about the Mac House: Having the support of roommates in issues regarding social justice. Having met my wife here! And also playing the best game ever.

Nick Sw - Resident since July 2014

What I do all day: I am a writer for the local alternative weekly newspaper.

Favorite time of year: TBD

Places I've lived: Cincinnati, Austin, D.C.

My favorite thing about the Mac House: TBD

Magdalene - Resident since July 2015

What I do all day: I am a very busy toddler with lots of books, blocks, and stuffed animals to play with and a big house to explore.

Favorite time of year: I love them all :)

Places I've lived: Cincinnati, OH!

My favorite thing about the Mac House: I love my roommates who are so kind and loving towards me. They practice saying "Hi" and "Bye Bye" and make me laugh all day long.

Mel - Resident since April 2013

What I do all day: After working in the non-profit world since 2009 I became a stay-at-home mom to little Magdalene. I love my job!

Favorite time of year: End of Spring and Summer! I love that it stays light so late, lightning bugs, and sitting on the porch.

Places I've lived: I am a Cincinnatian through and through. If you want to know what we were the first to do or the best at (at some point) just ask! Haha. I have also lived in San Francisco and Chicago, but Cincinnati will always be my home.

My favorite thing about the Mac House: I love the wonderful people who live with us. I also love that I met my husband at the Mac House :) I really enjoy improving the physical space of the house (cleaning, organizing, painting, etc.)

Harold - Resident since March 2013

What I do all day: Normally I sleep and eat, but I also stare out of windows and look adorable. Mostly I stay on the 3rd floor but sometimes I venture downstairs for community fun!Favorite time of year: Fall and Spring. I love not being too cold, but not being too hot. I can't take this fur coat off you know.

Places I've lived: I was actually rescued by the SPCA from a trailer that had 112 cats in it, somewhere in Ohio. Since then I have called Cincinnati my home.

My favorite thing about the Mac House: I love that there are more people to pet me and play with me. I also like the south facing window in my room.

Spencer - Resident since July 2020

What I do all day: When I’m not working with students in the Center for Faith and Justice at Xavier University, I’m out running, biking, hiking, or traveling!

Favorite time of year:

Fall, before it gets too cold to be outside!

Places I've lived:

Indiana, Cincinnati, Denver, San Jose, Minnesota, and Cincinnati again.

My favorite thing about the Mac House:

Always having people around and converse with, both quick chats and deeper conversations over meals.