Contact Information

Note! If you need my services as the best taxi driver in the world and can't reach me by phone - don't cry! Just hold $100 bill in your hands anywhere in New York City, and I will pick you up in no time!

Home and Mailing Address:


2911 West 36th Street Apt 8L

Brooklyn, NY 11224


Cell Phone: 1 (800) HANDSOME (1-347-429-1431)

WARNING! Do not call at night when we sleep! Violators will be sentenced to listen to all my records of "Led Zeppelin" at the highest volume at night for a whole week if convicted in a criminal court!

E-mail Address:

If you want to compliment me on my exemplary service as The Human-Computer and call me - please, please, please have a man do so, because if my wife - oh, sorry, sorry, sorry - my CURRENT wife, sorry (she is my third wife and let's hope not my last one!) - hears a female voice - she is gonna kill me! Why? Because she is afraid, that in every New York City neighborhood I have many more girlfriends than I actually have!

By the way, if you find a man who would marry my current wife then you and that man will become my best friends!