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Marital status - Prisoner of War!
Here you can see pictures of my family members: American-born twin-daughters Annette and Lauren, cats Katya and Sofia, parents and my wife. Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry - of my CURRENT wife, sorry! She is my second wife, and let's hope not my last one!
My daughters were born in the year 2006. If you have a son, a brother, a nephew and so on, who is by a few years older than they are - tell them to call my daughters in the year 2024 when they turn 18 years young to be introduced to each other!
With my mother
The Human-Computer at age 18 
34 years old birthday
 In 1999
 My wife. Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry - my CURRENT wife, sorry! She is my second wife, and let's hope not my last one!
 Twin daughters Annette (right) and Lauren (left)
My parents with Lauren on their hands when we celebrated the twin's first birthday
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Sonya (Sofiya)
One day I went to a pet store to buy some food for my cats. Employees of the store asked me to perform The Human-Computer for everybody who was there at the moment. I did. Suddenly one American female buyer said: 'Oh, it's not a big deal! Bla-blah-blah! Bla-blah-blah!'
We began to tease each other, and then I said: 'OKAY, I know what you think about me! You think: 'You - stupid immigrant!' Yes, yes, - I said, - I know: I am a stupid immigrant, yes, I know! But my cats are Americans like you are!
Everybody almost died laughing!

The sponsor of this page is my favorite Primorski Restaurant, located in Brighton Beach, "Little Odessa," Brooklyn, New York, where this picture was taken.
You will be surprised to know that at the moment I write these lines I suffer from my current wife for more than 5(!) years! You want to know: The Human-Computer, how come you didn't divorce her or didn't commit suicide?
The answer lies in that that every week we go with my current wife to this restaurant to have romantic, special lunches: I go on Tuesdays, she goes there on Fridays!
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