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Cobalt Christmas Market 2013

“The Hop, The Vine” are one of Britain's youngest wine merchants


It is our belief that even though this virus will probably cause extreme difficulties for us as a small business over the next months/years before vaccines are widely available we will be able to continue to serve our customers, as usual, with a smile. The decision was made in early February to assist our staff and it is now our policy to pay staff 100% of their normal pay, no matter if they have to self isolate 4 or 5 times over this period. We will not be doing an "Ashley" and take as much as possible from our country. We will not accept any financial assistance from the government as we realise the burden, post crisis, will be large enough anyway.

As the virus will die over a very short period of time, days, we will not be spraying our bottles with noxious chemicals, but there may be a couple of days delay for your deliveries. If you are worried about transfer of virus on boxes. Let me reassure you that only dedicated staff are allowed into our warehouse. If any member of staff develop any signs of disease, they know not to return to work. The government says for 7 days but I have increased this to 14 days for your and our own personal safety. All deliveries to us are held in quarantine for at least 72 hrs before they are shipped out to our customers. Best wishes to all our customers during this trying time.


Despite our lack of history we still believe in traditional standards of service and quality. We focus on working with producers who have the ability and determination to develop their brand identities with us in order to participate in the traditional retail sector of the UK. Working closely with our producers we deliver the right styles at the prices that buyers require. As well as excellence in sourcing, we offer the highest quality distribution service from our warehouse.

Since the end of 2006 “The Hop, The Vine” have become one of the North’s leading "New World" wine suppliers, choosing also to work with some contemporary European producers who we believe show real "New World Attitude". We adopt a regional approach to our portfolio, offering the best from key wine-growing areas within each country we represent. All producers are selected with the quality of wine being paramount. The wines comes from established producers or from small boutique wineries so the price you see will reflect the true value of the wine. Having recently spoken to a winemaker from De Grendel vineyard, S. Africa, the passion shown is not just in the making of the wine but for the environment in which she lives. Our philosophy has always been to give the best possible wine quality and good old fashioned personal service to our customers.

It is key to us that we build lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers, so we are keen to stay as a family run, independent wine merchant. At “The Hop, The Vine” wine is more than a drink. Far removed from the mass produced, identikit wines of others, we source intriguing wines full of character, from producers whose wines speak loudly of their sense of place. In turn our customers benefit from high quality wines with real stories that make selling great wine all the more fun.

We endeavour to ensure we deliver the same passion and excellence to you that you deserve and expect from our business. We’ll source the wine, advise our customers, deliver the wine. You need something? Just ask! We’re here to help. Never pompous, never straight laced or condescending, we are professional but relaxed and approachable. We always aim to go ‘Beyond Boundaries’ to exceed your expectations.

Minimum delivery on ciders - 3 dozen. But free delivery. See the cider offer.

COD payments available for local customers. BACS only during COVID-19.

BACS available countrywide