Mission Statement

Although the Mission Statement of the Association is shown at the top of each and every page of this website, it was felt that the public was entitled to know just what was meant by this brief statement.

The Directors adopted the following 'augmentation' to the basic Mission Statement in order to inform all how this goal is to be achieved.


To create for the people of South Cumberland County an accessible cultural and community centre.

The Parrsboro Band Association will fulfill this mission through:

1. The restoration of the heritage structure known as The Hall to a state of high repair, energy efficiency and environmental harmony

2. Guaranteeing a permanent home for the Parrsboro Citizens’ Band for storage, rehearsal and performance

3. Partnering with other organizations to maximize use of the facility

4. Making space available for community use at an affordable price

5. Focusing on the needs of the area’s youth and seniors to provide activities to attract, entertain and benefit these groups.

6. To increase performances, entertainment and use of the facililty by artists and artisans at all levels.

7. Operating as a member driven, board run, fiscally responsible, not-for-profit Association