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Monday May 30 King Street Strummers 7:00 pm

Wednesday, June 1st Film for All at The Hall 7:30 pm

See Calendar of Events or Other Events at The Hall for all activities coming up at The Hall Details on the upcoming film schedule can be found on the Films page.

Our Annual Newsletter


On June 29th, as part of the Film Committee's 'Fifth Wednesday' lecture series, renowned photographer Reginald Tucker will make a presentation on an exhibition of his photography which will be at The Hall until July 10th.

As he states: my photographs are my paintings. I am not interested in depicting “reality”. I photograph as I would paint or draw. I want images to have a physical presence similar to that of a drawing or a painting. I want them to assert themselves, to draw a strong response from the viewer. I am constantly experimenting so that I am always in a state of flux, always finding myself in unfamiliar territory. Through this process, I strive to deepen and extend my range of self expression. I want to reach far into memory and perception to express what I cannot express in words.

Thereafter, the exhibition will be open from 1pm to 6pm Thursdays through Sundays until it closes on Sunday the 10th of July. The artist will be in attendance on that afternoon and on several other days, schedule to be announced.

Title of Exhibition: London 1967-’72 plus recent work

ANNUAL PLANT/BOOK/BAKE SALE COMING SATURDAY JUNE 4 9:00 am to Noon. NO early birds please, last minute preps always take a lot of effort. Masks will be required and please bring your own bags and boxes.

The annual plant sale is coming back. Our volunteers are already making preparations and there are over 650 plants already potted however, if you are separating your perennials The Hall will gratefully accept them. They can be dropped off at 47 Pier Rd in Parrsboro. You can also call 902 701 8951 and leave a message and a volunteer will get back to you. We have a good supply of pots so our brilliant volunteers can take as many cuttings/removals as you can spare. Contributions to the book/bake sale also gratefully received and can be dropped off at The Hall Friday June 3 from 6:00 till 8:00 pm


At a recent meeting the Board decided that in view of the rise of cases of the current, highly contagious variant of SARS-Covid 2 and until it has been brought under control, until further notice mask wearing will be required at all events, performances, practices at The Hall

Annual Fundraising Events to Return for 2022

For those of you who have missed some of the annual events at The Hall, you will be pleased to here that at least two are on their way back. First will be the annual plant, bake and book sale which will be held on Saturday June 4th. Donations of your discards or surplus from your efforts to get gardening going this year will be gratefully accepted so if you have some 'leftovers' just call The Hall and let us know.

And mark your calendars on July 24th for the annual Band Day and bbq. Work is already proceeding to organize bands which will provide music for the afternoon and of course planning for the bbq is moving forward as well.

More information on both these events will be coming as we get closer to the events.

It is time again to renew your membership in The Hall and continue to be part of the exciting revival of this iconic structure. Long in use for the needs of the community, The Hall continues to progress forward and all are looking forward to the restoration of all the practices, performances, films, art shows and other activities. So be a part of it all. Go to our membership page and fill in your membership form for this year. And we will see you all as soon as it is permitted to safely to so.