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Monday  Mar 27          King Street Strummers                                     7:00 pm

Wednesday Mar 29    Film for All at The Hall                                       7:30 pm

Thursday Mar 30 Parrsboro Citizens' Choir                                 7:00 pm        

Friday Mar 31             Open Mic Night                                                  7:00 pm   

See Calendar of Events or  Other Events at The Hall for all activities coming up at The Hall   Details on the upcoming film schedule can be found on the Films page.

  Our Annual Newsletter   


Get your tickets now for your opportunity to see this terrific entertainer.   Coming April 22nd.


The annual Saint Patrick's Day 'kitchen party' once again did not disappoint.   Hooligan's Ruff once again provided a wonderful, laughter filled, sometimes raucous evening of fun.  Audience participation was not only permitted but encouraged and once again Rob brought out some of his more arcane 'instruments' to add to the merriment.   Another great night at The Hall.


It was a packed house at The Hall Sunday night as the town, and the county, turned out in support of Patrick Hanlon.   Thanks to Rob Bentley for putting it all together, many thanks to the performers to participated and most of all, thank you to everyone who came out, or donated, to support the concert and most of all, Patrick.  It was wonderful to see the community once again rally behind one of 'their own'. 

The Hall heats up a frosty night with Open Mic

With the temperatures feeling like -35 C, a small but brave and hardy group came out for the open mic night.   Rob started the night, appropriately, with "Chilli Willi".   Although the attendance was light, a great time was had with plenty of great music and laughter.  Hopefully things will warm up for the next OM night on February 17th.

Thank you for your continuing loyalty and support to “The Hall”.  AS we continue to ramp up our activities and get back to a new normal, we are contacting you as past members and friends to consider starting or renewing your membership.

Our Membership is based on the calendar year – 1 January to 31 December. As a member you would receive advanced notice of concerts and ability to purchase tickets the week prior to it being offered to the public.

Being a member of The Hall also supports all the activities that are offered to the community such as  King Street Strummers, The Elastic Big Band, Parrsboro Citizens Choir, Films for All at the Hall, Concert Series, Parrsboro Film Festival, Band Day, Open Mic at The Hall, and other seasonal events that attach to or collaborate with other community organizations.

Membership continues to be $15 (single) and $25 (family – for those living in the same household).

We thank you for your past support of The Hall and your consideration in becoming members again. 

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