Starting tee times

Turkey Shoot
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Closest to the Pin #7 and #11 - $10 buy-in

7:28    Te. Chase, T. Volf, D. Silva, B. Whitaker
7:36    B. Beasley, J. Fagan, To. Chase, S. Panzich
7:44    J. Chavez, B. Dunkle, J. Miner, R. Conner
7:52    B. Bello, D. Brann, B. Butterfield, M. Bambino
8:00    M. Pappa, D. Pappa, T. Villanueva, E. Johnson
8:08    P. Fuqua, D. White, M. Hornbuckle, J. Oka
8:16    F. Ozuna, R. Streeter, M. Landeros, J. Rogers
8:24    J. Rivera, D. Rodriquez, B. Davidson, R. Mayorga
8:32    J. Kiesz, D. Tinti, B. Bryan, P. Ochs
8:40    S. Miller, J. Vigil, D. Herrin, D. Feryance
8:48    D. Reese, L. Peterson, A. Aceves, B. Wedow
8:56    J. Rocha, R. Caster, A. Zinkle, T. Jones
9:04    J. Hallee, K. Miller, T. Grace, D. Grace
9:12    D. Speakman, C. Avalos, A. Butler
9:20    S. Roberts, K. Roberts, Ca. Cross, Co. Cross


Although there may appear to be a threesome on the website, the slot(s) may have been filled/changed by the Tournament Director, after the posting.  Do not assume you will be able to fill that slot or move your tee time.  If you want to enter the tournament or change your tee time, you must contact the Tournament Director, Barbara Muller, at 530-669-7795.

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