Phylogenetic analyses

Chatzimanolis, S. 2014. Phylogeny of xanthopygine rove beetles based on six molecular loci. Systematic Entomology 39(1): 141-149. PDF Sup. Materials figshare Supplement

Chatzimanolis, S., A. Brunke. In Preparation. Title TBD - Morphological and molecular analyses of Xanthopygina with representatives from all genera.


Below is a list of valid genera as of August 2018.

Genus Name Revision or progress to date.

Darwinilus Chatzimanolis Done (Chatzimanolis 2014)

Dysanellus Bernhauer Done (Chatzimanolis 2018), genus also discussed here and species removed from genus here

Elecatopselaphus Scheerpeltz Not started yet

Elmas Blackwelder Done (Ashe and Chatzimanolis 2003 [warning: matrix is incorrect in this paper]; Ashe and Chatzimanolis 2006)

Gastrisus Sharp Not started yet

Glenus Kraatz Not started yet

Haematodes Laporte Done (Brunke and Chatzimanolis 2018)

Isanopus Sharp Done (Chatzimanolis 2008)

Nausicotus Sharp Not started yet

Nordus Blackwelder Done (revision: Chatzimanolis 2004; phylogeny: Chatzimanolis 2005; additional data here, here and here)

Ocyolinus Sharp Done (Chatzimanolis and Ashe 2009; Chatzimanolis 2017)

Oligotergus Bierig Not started yet

Paraxenopygus Bernhauer Not started yet

Phanolinopsis Scheerpeltz Done (Chatzimanolis 2017).

Phanolinus Sharp Not started yet

Plociopterus Sharp Not started yet

Scaponopselaphus Sharp Done (Chatzimanolis 2015)

Scariphaeus Erichson In progress

Smilax Sharp Done (Chatzimanolis 2016)

Styngetus Sharp Not started yet

Terataki Chatzimanolis Done (Chatzimanolis 2013)

Torobus Herman Done (Chatzimanolis 2018), species removed from genus here, here and here.

Triacrus Nordmann Done (Review: Chatzimanolis 2015; other data)

Tricholinus Bernhauer Not started yet

Trigonopselaphus Gemminger and Harold Done (Chatzimanolis 2015)

Xanthopygus Kraatz In progress

Xenopygus Bernhauer Done by Caron et al. 2016; corrections and additions by Chatzimanolis and Caron 2016

Zackfalinus Chatzimanolis Done (Chatzimanolis 2012)

Gone (from Xanthopygina) but not forgotten:

Algon Sharp (Algonina) Revision: Schillhammer 2006

Amelinus Bernhauer (Anisolinina)

Antimerus Fauvel (incertae sedis) Revision: Solodovnikov and Newton 2010

Hasumius Fairmaire (Philonthina)

Hesperoschema Scheerpeltz (Anisolinina)

Pammegus Fauvel (Anisolinina)

Philothalpus Kraatz (Philothalpina) Revision: Chatzimanolis and Ashe 2005; more species

Prianophthalmus Bernhauer (Philonthina)

Prionopedinus Scheerpeltz (Philonthina)

Rientis Sharp (incertae sedis)

Trigonopalpus Cameron (Anisolinina)

Tympanophorus Nordmann (Anisolinina)