Beetle systematics

I am mainly interested in the tribe Staphylinini, a group of more than 6000 beetles. Within this group, I work both at the higher systematic levels and at the alpha taxonomy level.

Higher level systematics of Staphylinini.

Recent work has focused on a molecular phylogeny of Xanthopygina, as well as reassessment of the subtribes within Staphylinini (Brunk et al. in Cladistics).

Phylogeny from Chatzimanolis 2014.

My current research is focusing on expanding the molecular phylogeny of Xanthopygina with emphasis on the evolution of myrmecophily. For this project we plan to incorporate for for the first time morphological data and fossils.

Alpha taxonomy and revisionary studies in Xanthopygina.

I currently working on revisions for the the genera Smilax and Phanolinopsis. For a list of recently published revisionary work, please see the publication list. Future projects in the next 1-2 years will include the genera Xanthopygus, Oligotergus, Gastrisus, Phanolinus, Plociopterus and Styngetus. The overall goal of this project is to produce species-level revisions for all neotropical Xanthopygina genera within the next several years.