Welcome to The Spa

News: We now have reproduction 'Wheat Sheaf' water slide tailpiece decals available for 1938 to 1944 Basses.

We also have a 3" weatherproof vinyl Kay sticker suitable for your vehicle's window or your hard case!

Meeting Roland Wilfer (left) in his family's 111 year old Double Bass Workshop in Mohrendorf, Germany

'The Bass Spa' is the home of Jake de Villiers' double bass setup & repair service in the Vancouver, BC region.

We welcome all double bass, upright bass, stand-up bass & bass violin players and their instruments.

Services range from simple re-stringing and pickup fitting to full setup & repair work.

Double Bass Setup can include: fingerboard planing, carving a new nut, cutting a new bridge,

installing bridge adjusters, carving a handmade light weight tailpiece to fit your instrument,

installing and adjusting a stainless steel cable tailpiece wire,

after-length tuning & Mode Matching.

Double Bass Tuning The house specialty is 'Mode Matching', tuning the tailpiece assembly to work in harmony with the note of the

neck and fingerboard extension in order to release the full power and tone of your instrument.

Until you've experienced it, it sounds like voodoo, but after you've heard the difference you'll believe, too!

Tuning the after-lengths and Mode Matching remove tone-robbing phase cancellations from the bass,

letting the bridge, top & bass bar vibrate fully as their maker intended.

Double Bass Repair includes: closing open seams, crack repairs, breaks, end pin & fingerboard replacement.

Bass Spa logo created by Tim Eccles