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The Books

Here's the full list of all books in the Arilon series. The series is made of two elements;

The Arilon Chronicles
The main, epic story of Arilon featuring, Arthur, Teresa, the Cat, the Queen and more.

Tales from Arilon
Individual tales that take place within the main story but feature other characters. These do not follow on from each other and can be read in any order.

 The Arilon Chronicles : Book 1

Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle, Pt 1

Arthur Ness is a frightened young boy, evacuated from wartime London to the countryside village of Waterwhistle. He thinks things are bad enough when he discovers terrifying monsters in the village that nobody but him can see. Things don't improve when he finds out they work for the stern woman he has been sent to live with, Lady Eris - and that she is, in fact, a witch. But when a talking cat turns up asking for his help, Arthur realises there's an even bigger plot unfolding. And he soon learns that he will either face his fears or risk being eaten by them...

Can a nervous Arthur and a brave Waterwhistle girl, Teresa Smith, help the Cat defeat Lady Eris and her shadowy mistress, the Queen...?

Read the opening chapters :

 The Arilon Chronicles : Book 2

Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle, Pt 2

Lady Eris is on the verge of enslaving Waterwhistle. The Cat and Teresa are marshalling their allies for a final, epic battle against the Queen's loyal agent. There's just one small problem...

...nobody knows where Arthur is.

If Lady Eris is to be defeated and the secret of Waterwhistle uncovered, Arthur is going to have to escape from a prison no-one has ever escaped from before...

Read the opening chapters :

 Tales from Arilon

Trust Me, I'm a Thief

Join the Rogue's Run Trio, three eccentric, odd criminals. The Professor (a brilliant criminal mastermind but a bit rubbish at not annoying people), Ajo (a young, Valian warrior) and Lake (a young girl who can occasionally glimpse the future). Sailing aboard their ship, the Rogue's Run, they are the very best bunch of smugglers and thieves ever to grace the black skies of Arilon (well, according to them).

Join them in this interactive adventure where you influence their actions in exploits that have a direct impact on the events of 'Arthur Ness and the Secret of Waterwhistle Part 2'.

 The Arilon Chronicles : Book 3
Teresa Smith and the Queen's Revenge, Pt 1

Following the events of 'The Secret of Waterwhistle', Arilon has descended into turmoil and war. The Queen leads a Royal army against the brave Resistance. Meanwhile, back in the Human World, Teresa and Arthur await the return of the Cat so they can get back to Arilon and do their bit to help.

But Teresa has been having disturbing dreams. She can feel that something else is wrong. There is something terrible in Arilon and it is waiting patiently for her return...

Read the Prologue :

 The Arilon Chronicles : Book 4

Teresa Smith and the Queen's Revenge, Pt 2

As the war against the Queen begins to unravel, the Resistance launches a last, desperate gambit to take the battle to the Queen's doorstep. Operation : Hammer is the final hope to restore balance and justice to Arilon.

However, Teresa and Arthur need to focus on a critical mission given to them by the Cat - find the Agency Engine before the Queen is able to activate it. Because once she does so, it will be the end for Arilon and the Human World.

All of this is made more difficult for Teresa, though, because of the terrifying revelations made by the Queen about the young girl's future. Can Teresa fight against her destiny...?