A Word From the Cat

Greetings, non-Cats! Welcome to the official website of The Arilon Chronicles. Are you sure you came to the right place? If you were looking for safe and sound, you probably clicked on the wrong thing. Here, let me help you on your way (click here).

Still here? Good. You must be in search of adventure, monsters, pirates and know-it-all, talking cats like me.

Let me introduce myself. I'm known as the Cat. (Yes, I have an actual name. It's called 'None of your Business'.) I live in a place called Arilon where there are loads of floating islands and flying ships. Also, Weavers and Sharp-Eyes and Yarnbulls and Needlemen and a really nasty Queen and-

Okay, one thing at a time.

The Arilon Chronicles are a series of adventure novels (aimed roughly at 8-12 yr olds, though also seem popular with adults!) that tell the story of two human children, Arthur and Teresa, and how I brought them to Arilon. Why would I do such a thing? (I mean, all those things I listed above are really dangerous). Well, you can find out by reading the books (the opening chapters are free, just for you).

But wait, that's not all! While you're here, dive into the Arilon Chronicles Encyclopedia or take one of our 10 Minute Writing Schools. From time to time, there will even be amazing competitions. Just use the links to the left and you'll be flying.

In short, there's more here than you can shake a magical, enchanted stick at. Stay as long as you like - just don't let the Queen catch you.


The Cat x

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