Humans be warned. Arilon is at war. Stay away.

I am the Chronicler. 

I live in Arilon - a place far from the Human World yet it has countless hidden doorways, for those with the skill to spot them.

Under normal circumstances, this is not a place for the faint-hearted. Floating islands, flying ships, pirates, and endless monstrous creatures await the foolhardy. And it is all ruled by the most dangerous creature of them all.

The Queen.

But now, the whole of Arilon is drowning in civil war. The mysterious devil of a creature known only as the Cat has travelled to the Human World and found two young humans whose destinies appear intertwined with ours. Between the three of them, they defied the Queen and inspired half of Arilon to do the same. Now the other half, still afraid, fights with the Queen to end the uprising.

It appears that the young humans, Arthur Ness and Teresa Smith, will be either the saving grace of Arilon... or its ultimate destroyers.

I have seen much and recorded it all in the Arilon Chronicles. I know how it began and how it unfolded. How it will end, though...

...only history will tell.

READ the Arilon Chronicles, available to humans in the form of a series of adventure novels (they are aimed roughly at 8-12 year olds, but I have seen they are also extremely popular with those curious humans known as 'grown ups').

See the books and read the opening chapters here on this site.

If you insist on travelling to Arilon, knowledge is the best form of protection from its dangers. The Arilon Chronicles Encyclopedia will make for better armour than steel. It will save you from Yarnbulls, Royal Soldiers or the RainHand when no sword will.

One final word for those foolish - or brave - enough to travel to Arilon. Beware the Queen. She brings the war with her. And she has no mercy.

The Chronicler

News from Arilon

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