Entrepreneur, Founder / CEO

Hard working innovative and result driven leader focused on achieving excellent results with maximum efficiency. Experienced in building partnerships and having more than 10 years of experience in the industry with expertise in business development, business analysis and planing, project planning, resource planning, resource management, cost and time estimations, system design and system implementation. Experienced in all stages of system development efforts, including architectural design, testing, implementation and system support. Had an opportunity to be a part of development cycle of broad range of products requiring expertise in simulation, industrial automation and real-time system development.

Areas of Expertise

    • Building partnerships and businesses
    • Business development
    • System Architecture and Design
    • Project and Resources Planing
    • Research and Development
    • Cost analysis and Time Estimations
    • System Integration and Testing
    • Strong Leadership quality

AAA TECHNOLOGIES. 2010 – Present

Founder / C E O Dec 2010 – Present

Started a company with a vision to inspire innovation and creativity to develop low cost solutions making technology affordable to all, with a goal to improve humanity using the technological tools available in the modern age or develop new if necessary.

AAA Technologies is a research and product development organisation with a goal to research on new technologies and create innovative products with better quality and competitive prices. We believe in simple, cost effective and efficient solutions for all engineering problems, we work very hard to figure out those solutions and fulfil our client's needs.

Our vision is to inspire innovation and creativity to develop out of the box solutions making technology affordable for all.

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Director (Technical) September 2010 – 2011

Responsibility include assistance and leading all aspects of project development, locating authentic and capable vendors in the market for getting various jobs done on time, writing technical proposals, looking after design and development of electrical, electronic and mechanical modules and finding low cost and reliable solutions for engineering problems that arise from time to time.


Chief Technology Officer May 2008 – August 2010

  • Responsible and accountable for leading all aspects of architecture, development and timely deployment of the projects. This includes designing the system architecture, planning and coordinating resources, project cost estimations, researching on new technologies, writing technical proposals and overseeing the integration of different technology modules (software, electronic, electrical and mechanical).
  • Managed successful development and deployment of Truck driving simulator and trainer containing a fully working 3d graphics engine, physics engine for vehicle dynamics, complete instructor console capable of monitoring and governing different expects of training, data archiving support for error logs, trainee data, reports and performance graph generation.
  • Overlooked the conversion of the truck driving simulator and trainer to a generic vehicle driving simulator capable of supporting all 2 axle vehicles.
  • Managed the research, design and development of the MetSoft Data Box, an USB based electronic data acquisition system for reading 64 digital inputs and 8 analogue inputs with extreme accuracy on run-time basis.
  • Deployment of 3 driving simulators for MetSoft Driving Institute for Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program for training of 700 trainees.
  • Performed project oversight for the design and development of Intelligent water flow management system
  • Successful development and deployment of 8 Simulator arcade racing games and 8 virtual shooting galleries in Wonderland Sindbad and Kids World Karachi.
  • Hold all financial responsibility for Product Development including R&D budget and deployment.
  • Technical and Financial Proposals and demos of Computer based trainers (CBT) and virtual evaluation systems primarily for Pakistan military.
  • Developed Technical Proposals, Financial Proposals, Feasibility study and demos for the development of Virtual Target Training Simulators for Pakistan military.
  • Deployed and demonstrated Truck Driving Simulator in International Defense Exhibition Ideas 2008.
  • Presented the Technical Proposal and Feasibility study, also demonstrated software demo for the Bakhter Shikan Weapon System Simulator to the Director General of Military Vehicle Research and Development Establishment.


Project Manager April 2007 – May 2008

From the concept level to the final implementation of the product; planning the resources, time lines and overall development cost of the project, conducting research for the technologies to be used in the project, leading multiple teams of software, electronics and mechanical domain containing highly qualified engineers in the phases of initial design, development, testing and debugging. Overseeing the integration of the different technologies used (software, electronics and mechanical). Overlooking the successful and on time deployment of the project at the client’s side.

  • Lead multiple teams on the B-vehicle project for Pakistan Army
  • Successfully complete the phase 1 of the project.

Senior Team Lead 2005 – 2007

Promoted to senior team lead and assigned to lead a team of professional software engineers and 3D modellers for the 3D-Graphics and simulation engine of D.I.T.S (Dynamic integrated training simulator) for Pakistan Army. Responsibilities included research for the new graphics technologies to be used in the simulator, lead my team to develop and deliver the product on time and keeping sure that the system has been designed as accurately as possible. Responsibilities also included system integration, testing and debugging of the final product.

  • Successful implementation and on time deployment of the DITS Visuals, a major part in the DITS project.
  • Designed and developed a 3D-Graphics and Simulation Engine Core capable of generating multiple special effects including rain, snow, explosions, debris, night vision effects, environment changes, smoke and etc.
  • Design and developed the physics engine compatible with the graphics engine core. The physics engine consisted of a basic real-time tank dynamics system, fast and accurate collision detection system and etc.
  • Designed a fast network data communication system using latest technology.
  • Presented the Visual Display System development proposal to the Inception Report Acceptance Committee during the Inception Report acceptance in MVRDE.

Team Lead 2004 - 2005

I was responsible for leading a team of software and electronic engineer to get developed the modules and products assigned to me. Responsibility also included doing research for the technologies to be used in the project, designing the software to be developed by my team, testing the integrated product and maintain quality at all times.

  • Designed and developed the 3D-Graphics engine of the ASTT visuals (Action Speed Tactical Trainer) for Pakistan NAVY. Key features of this engine include the ocean waves modeling, real-time and dynamic lighting effects, special effects (rain, snow, smoke, debris, explosions and etc), huge real-time world loader and etc.
  • Designed and developed a Underwater simulator for a submarine vessel used by Pakistan NAVY to search sea bed for mines, 3D engine was capable of generating special effects for under water environments.
  • Designed the software in the Tele Medicine project, a system that is capable of taking ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Temperature of a patient and transmitting the information to a remote doctor through internet.


Research and Development Engineer

Designed and developed software for various products for industrial automation, provided on-site support for clients regarding problems in CLI module of the PABX systems developed by Integrated Devices.

  • Designed and Developed a Telecommunication based Voice Mail System using Imported Hardware (Dialogic Inc.) and using MS Visual C++ for windows 2000 server.
  • Designed and developed a Humidity Sensing and Control System for the Textile Industry and Pharmaceutical Companies. The system could record the humidity and temperature detected in databases using ADO database engine and also has the capability to interact with as much as 16 humidity control sensors at a time using the hub designed for the RS-232 based communications. The system also has the capability to communicate over Internet and Intranet using the Client and Server designed using window’s sockets.
  • Designed a Server and Client Software for Power Bank 2000, an indigenously designed UPS System with computer interface for monitoring and controlling purposes.
  • Designed software for Power Generator Load Managing System. The system opens the gas valves of the generator according to the load at the other side. This type of system is most commonly used in the industry to increase generator’s performance.
  • Designed and developed a micro controller based Auto Expiry system. The system is generally used with power generators to shut them down after some specific time or number of hours.
  • Developed a Log maintenance system for billing systems of ID’s PABX system.
  • Developed an Intrude service by modifying the software of the PABX systems.
  • Removed various problems and errors from the CLI Module by modifying its hardware and software.


  • Contacted different domestic companies and individuals for projects and developed a team for the development and deployment. The projects were of small and medium scale.
  • Developed a web-based system on ICP (monitor and control of PLC through Internet and Intranet) for Siemens Pakistan.
  • Designed and developed a PLC interface Software (using OPC) for Siemens Pakistan using Visual C++ 6.
  • Developed a CLI Based Call Blocking System. The micro controller based system was interfaced with the computer containing the Software that decided whether to disconnect the call or not.
  • Designed and developed a Micro Controller based Home Automation System. The Software consisted of a Server and Client system for monitoring and controlling of electrical appliances from a network or even Internet. The Server also had database support using ADO Database engine.
  • Developed a micro controller based temperature control system for monitoring and controlling temperature using both hardware system and software, with database support using DAO engine.
  • Designed and developed a 3D Robot Simulation using SLIM in Visual C++ 6.
  • Designed and developed three CNC machine’s simulations.
  • Developed software for DMC Central Employee in C++.
  • As a consultant worked on the project of Transformer Turn Ration and Resistance Meter.


Languages: C#, Visual C++ (MFC and Win32 API), DirectX 9 based game development, Windows Services development (using Win32 based console applications). Turbo C++, Borland C++, C Language, Assembly Language, Assembly Language for MCS-51 family Microcontrollers, Java, Java Script, HTML, ASP, PHP, Oracle SQL plus, VHDL and Visual Fox pro.

Tools: Unity, DX Studio, 3D Studio Max, Flash 5, Flash 4, Dream Weaver, AutoCAD 14, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop 6, MS Front Page and Orcade 9.

Electronics: MCS-51 family Microcontroller, standalone systems and embedded systems based system design and development.