Valerie Fox


Valerie Fox grew up in central Pennsylvania. She currently lives in New Jersey with her family and teaches at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Recent work can be found in The Cafe Irreal, Philadelphia Stories, Literary Orphans, and Cleaver. Much interested in collaboration, she has worked with Jacklynn Niemiec (artist) and Arlene Ang (writing).


Lillian Dunn's interview with Fox and Ang in Apiary.

Interview with Lynn Levin and Valerie Fox by Susan Smith Nash and Rick Zanotti.


Insomniatic [poems], (2017, PS Books)

Reading Apollinaire (2015, selected poems, from Colectiile Revistei "Orizont Literar Contemporan" series)

Shale: Extreme Fiction for Extreme Conditions (2015, anthology, coedited with Arlene Ang and Susan Smith Nash)

The Glass Book (Texture Press, 2011)

Bundles of Letters Including A, V and Epsilon (2008, poems/compilation with Arlene Ang, Texture Press)

The Rorschach Factory (2006, poems, Strawgate Books)

Poems for the Writing: Prompts for Poets (2013, textbook cowritten with Lynn Levin, Texture Press)

The Red Room: Writings from Press 1 (2010, multi-genre anthology, Straw Gate Books)

Selected Links to Poems by Valerie Fox

"Signs and Adventures." The Potomac Journal (Winter 2016). At

"Kinds of Dramming," "Insomnia," "Time and Time-pieces" (Last Night's Dream)" and "An Imitation on Playing with Horns." SOUND:POETREE:: Fanzine (Spring 2016). At ("Imitation" is a collaboration with Arlene Ang.)

"Two Important Questions About Seahorses." Apiary 7 (2013).

"Memo Regarding your Future." Apiary (Fall 2012).

"Two Important Questions about Pornography." Painted Bride Quarterly (2015): 312-13.

"Incorruptible" and "For once" at (Texture Press website "Gallery" page; originally published in Hanging Loose.)

Selected Links to Poems that are Collaborations by Arlene Ang and Valerie Fox

"The Brine, like Hay, Gets in My Clothes" (collaboration with Arlene Ang). Juked (January 2010).

"We Wrote a Letter to Jesus and He Told Us To Buy a New Car," "In Retrospect, 1984 made a fine sausage--" and "Visions of Lamb Cooked in Slight Brine," (collaborations with Arlene Ang). Qarrtsiluni Jan-April (2009). (Web and Print). At,

“Scarecrow Lists of Failures and Groceries Items.” Thrush (January 2015) (collaboration with Arlene Ang). Web. At

"Underlined in the victim's copy" and "There's a lot to do before your fall asleep"(collaborations with Arlene Ang). Poemeleon (Spring 2010). Web. At


Variable Space: studying spatial relationships through writing, drawing, dance, and digital media


Poems for the Writing: teaching tips, writing prompts


Collaboems/Collaborations and Visual Poems (teaching blog for Drexel University writing classes, features vispo and collaborative writings)