Industry Institute Interaction



To create and sustain the best  Research & Innovation Park environment for innovation in Chemical, Energy, Biotechnological and allied technologies capitalizing on the strengths of Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) and other regional resources to accelerate economic development and prosperity in the Western region of the Nation.


To build a state-of-art infrastructure for research, scale-up, incubation, mentoring and funding in developing technologies related to fine, specialty and base chemicals, conventional and alternate energy, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, functional and performance chemicals,  nanotechnology and product engineering. It is our vision to provide the necessary infrastructure for the development of disruptive technologies and convergence of existing technologies with developments in fundamental and applied sciences, and application engineering that shall create new products, processes and services for the future. It is our vision to be recognized as a premier R & D and incubation destination for innovative businesses in these fields.


To advance our vision, the ICT Innovation Park will :

  • Support and facilitate technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property arising from research labs of ICT and other research organizations and Universities in collaboration with Industry establishments.
  • Provide facilities and services needed by start-up companies and SMEs.
  • Support educational and training programs of surrounding business clusters and other educational and research institutions of the region
  • Strengthen and maximize collaborations, partnerships with domestic and global research institutions, venture funds and other funding institutions besides various service providers to support start-up companies.
  • Develop and provide impetus to economic growth of region by new and improved technologies, products and processes by maintaining competitive edge in the manufacturing sector and as an alternative to imported technologies.
  • Build the brand : “ICT Research & Innovation Park”.

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