Wind Flags

Promote your business with cost effective Wind Flags!


Here is an example of an other flag that a large Co (subway) bought and see the result of going the CHEAP ( notice the flag wrapped around its self, pretty useless now) route!

Then look at our flag in 15mph wind, no problem!

Why go with a CHEAP China Flag when you can get ours that's made in the USA!

Custom Flags

The Wind Flag system is a light, durable system design for easy installation and transportation offering great promotional visibility.

The unique shape of the flags allows it to move with the wind and can turn 360 degrees making it visible and readable from all sides. The unique features of the Wind Flag allows easy assembly and storage as each Flag comes with its own carrying bag. Wind flags come in 6 styles: FeatherAngled, Feather Convex, Rectangle, Gian Flag, Tear Drop and then the Econo Flag 16'

Offered with different attachments, the Wind Flag can be used for permanent display or for temporary marketing campaigns.

Great for Promotions, Special Events, Sport Events, Trade Shows, Weekend Specials, Everyday Advertising.

Wind Flags are a great way to promote your business in a very cost effective way. They are very easy to set up and easy to travel with . The Feather Flags and Tear Drop flags are made of a special see through material that lets the image bleed through and be seen from both sides. This printing process can eliminate the need for two side printing of the flag, reducing the extra cost. Double side do have advantages, just keep in mind they are almost twice as much, a 14' flag is say $150 while a double would be $230

Made in the USA

Flag with 95% bleed through dye sublimated

Sealed ball bearing turning system (included)

Telescopic alloy pole (included)

Ground stake with metal stopper (included)

No set Up fee, if art is provided in vector ( Adobe illustrator). If you have any questions email us HERE!

Optional items include

Fabric carry and storage bag (optional)

Cross base or metal base plate ( optional)

Water Ring (for base plate or cross base)

Easy Set-up:

easy one-person set-up

convenient telescopic pole

breaks down to less than 4 feet.