Our banners are made with 13oz vinyl hemmed and grommets, we can also do pole pockets. We use Soy inks and uv protectant so 2years out in direct sunlight is fairly common without fading.

To order banners just click on store, then you will want to take width x height in inches and then divide by 144, that will give ya how many square feet your banner is, then you can place the order IE: 5'x10' = 50sqft so enter 50 in the quantity in the shopping cart. You can also enter in if you want grommets or pole pockets etc.


Spoons Billboard

12'x24' with 3" pole pockets all sides.

9' x 20' 13oz Vinyl hemmed pole pocket top and bottom with wind cuts.

5' x 9' 13oz Vinyl hemmed