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Phone 714-696-96 ONE Six

Sending us your art files click HERE then fill out the info and upload the files, this can take some time depending on the size of your file, make sure your co name is part of the file name, do NOT name your file, tent, or tent graphic, name it ( Your_Co_tentfile ) that way we can't get files mixed up.

If you have us layout art that takes more then 15min and you end up not ordering we will bill you $85 for a min of one hour of work, time is not free so don't waste our time we won't waste yours. By submitting files to us to layout you agree to these terms, if you don't then don't submit the files. Make sure your ready to order before you do so, as I need to pay my bills just like you do.

If you have an in graphics person or someone that can do it, make sure to follow the next bit of info and also you can go to Faq's and download the templates for the products, if you don't see what you need email me Rene and I will help you.

Art Work needs to be set up in CMYK at 300dpi, also keep in mind for graphics Vector is best, that comes from Illustrator or Corel, jpeg's are NOT vector, nor are PNG, or EPS, or BMP files. Most popular is ai