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If you enjoy driving your car on country roads, and making new friends with a similar interest in cars, give road rally a try. Road Rallies are the least expensive form of motorsport there is.

TCRC is a group of people focused on organizing and promoting road rally. In addition to our own events we can provide a rally for your club if you lack the people and equipment to organize your own event. We support both modern and classic cars.

At this time, TCRC does not organize rallies because of Insurance costs. We support Land of Lakes Region of SCCA. We reccomend you join SCCA to get the most out of your motorsport interest. The entry fees are lower when you run RoadRally, RallyCross, Track Night etc.


October is our annula Halloween themed scavenger hunt, Tombstone Trail.

Tombstone Trail registration open at:

Last Summer we did Training Rallies each month as part of the monthly meeting which is the second Tuesday of the month. Interest waned ain recent months. If you wish them to return let us know at


        1. Do I need a helmet? No

        2. Do I need a navigator? Yes

        3. Do I need Special Equipment? No. If you have a smart phone we can provide you with a Digital Roadbook/Rally Computer app to keep you on time.

        4. Do you need a special car? No, any street legal vehicle is welcome.

        5. Does each person need to pay? No, the fee is for the car, not individuals.

If you have any other questions email us at

For a nominal entry fee and almost no risk to car, life, or limb you get to drive the most scenic roads in the area and compete on the basis of precision driving and navigation. You are a team competing not based on the amount of muscle in your car, but on the sharpness of your minds and driving skill. But most of all, it’s fun.

Road Rallying is very different from most motor sports. Each car is given a set of written instructions and sent off at intervals on public roads. Each team tries to follow the course as well as maintain a given average speed. Sprinkled around the course are checkpoints where your arrival time is clocked. You are given a score based on how close you come to the ideal time. A new development is the use of GPS timed controls that time you as you pass by. This reduces the need for workers and opens up new possibilities.

Once you understand the basics there are many apps available for both iOS and Android devices for little or no cost. Search for road rally, tsd rally, regularity rally.


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