Photography based projects, focused on creating images.

Newest work is at the top.
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Projects in column ONE are pieced together from emerging themes by different collections to create a whole.
Projects in column TWO are major undertakings that follow a specific idea or concept from conception.

Column One
(Themes and Collections)

Anywhere But Here (Volume Three), Mid 2016

ABH Vol. 2
Anywhere But Here (Volume Two), Late 2013

Cross Sections, Mid 2013

Of Childhood, Mid 2013

Anywhere But Here (Volume One), Early 2013

Trains, Late 2012

Character Studies, Late 2010 - Refurbished Late 2013

Column Two
(Big Projects)

Escape From TiTiLan
Escape From TiTiLan, Late 2014

Rocket Boy and the New World, Late 2013

No Man's Land, Mid 2013

Last Refuge, Early 2013

American Vacation, Mid 2012

Sets, Scenes and Stages in Exploration, Early 2012

Alternative Dynamics, Mid 2010

The Adventurous Pursuits of Steve Gahein, Late 2009