Tatjana Bolic


Hello and welcome to my webpage!


My name is Tatjana Bolic, or in short Tanja. I am a Researcher at University of Trieste. I am also working as an external consultant for ALG-INDRA on SESAR projects, all aviation and human factors.

I am a transportation engineer by training, which is a rather inter-disciplinary field that sparked my varied research interests in different areas of transportation engineering, like diffusion of innovation,  air transportation, human factors, logistics, and airport design. I also worked as a teaching assistant, graduate student researcher at UC Berkeley, and as a Senior Consultant at Ricondo and Associates in San Francisco.


On top of research I like to participate in different research and industry organizations and Transportation Research Board being one of them. 


My native language is Serbian, I am fluent in English and Italian, and have basic knowledge of French.