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Week 3: office hours Tue (15 May) 3-4pm and Thu (17 May) 12-1:30pm

Dr. Tatiana Coutto
University of Warwick

Teaching fellow, Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS

Former Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics and Warwick Policy Lab

CAGE associate

Université Catholique de Lille 
Research associate

Contact information
t.coutto (at)
tatiana.coutto (at)


03 May
The Future of the EU and European Integration

09 Jan
Towards a research career? Interview to Europens Blog 

Attitudes towards the EU: Euroscepticism in the British media and the impact on the political debate

Past events

19/01/2017, The Shard, London
Was the media responsible for Brexit? Academics, journalists, youth engagement organisations, civil servants from the UK government and from the EU will discussed the role of traditional and social media in shaping political attitudes. 

19 Oct 2016, 2-6pm, University of Warwick 

19 Oct 2016, 06:30-8pm, University of Warwick 


Vera Troeger (Economics)
Ben Farrand (Law) 
Andreas Murr (PAIS) 
Davide Morisi (CMPF/EUI) 
Anna Wilson (YEM)


Tatiana Coutto 

(Economics and WPL)