Workshop 2014 January

This Systems Science workshop will be held on 25-28 January 2014 at the INCOSE International Workshop in Los Angeles, California, USA. See detailed agenda in spreadsheet file below.

The presentations and meeting notes for the workshop can be found here. The focus of the workshop is on the following topics:

    • Synergies between Sys Sci & Sys Engrg (Duane Hybertson & James Martin)
    • Unifying Systems Theories & Systems Pathology (Len Troncale)
    • Modeling of Systems Processes (Bill Schindel)
    • Synergizing Systemists (Jack Ring)
    • Unified Ontology for Systems and Systems Science (Richard Martin & Jack Ring)
    • Structural Modeling: An Application of Basic Structural Modeling (BSM) and Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) (Joseph Simpson - see INCOSE System Science Working Group - Presentation - January 26th, 2014
    • Education & Training for Systems Science (Rick Adcock)
    • A Proposal for Collaboration on a Pattern Language for Service Systems (Science, Management, Engineering and Design) (David Ing)
    • Others... TBD