Research and Publication

A. Peer-reviewed publications

1. Economic Diplomacy in Africa: The impact of  Regional Integration versus Bilateral Diplomacy on Bilateral Trade, Handbook of Economic Diplomacy Research, Edward Elgar Publishing, UK, Forthcoming in 2018

2. Regionalism in Africa: Genealogies, Institutions, and Trans-State Networks by Daniel C. Bach London: Routledge, 2015. Pp. 216. Book review, Journal of Modern African Studies, 2017 Cambridge University Press, UK

3. Revisiting the effect of regional integration on African trade: Evidence from meta-analysis and gravity model,  Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, (2017), 26 (2), 133-153. (Link to working paper

4. The Impact of economic sanctions on income inequality of target states. World Development (2016), 83, 1-11. (with Mahadevan R.) (Link to working paper  

5. Measuring multi-membership in economic integration and its trade impact: A comparative study of ECOWAS and SADC. South African Journal of Economics, (2014), 82(4), 518-530.( with Peter van Bergeijk)  (Link to paper)

B. Working Papers

1.The impact of economic sanctions on international trade: How do threatened sanctions compare with imposed sanctions?

2. Preferential market access, foreign aid and economic development (with Dr. Kaleb Girma Abreha)  (Link to paper

 3. Aid, inequality and regime change revisited (With Prof. Dr. Christian Bjørnskov).  (Link to paper)

C. Work-in-Progress

1. The Impact of Competition from China on Gender Labor Market Outcomes in Ethiopia. Evidence from Firm-Level Data

2. Impact of Economic Sanctions on Food Security in Targeted States

3. Trade openness and Obesity. Evidence from Cross-Country Study

4. Trade and Environmental Nexus. Evidence from Meta-analysis