The Redwood City Sharks Swim Team is an all-volunteer team. Assisting at the meets is extremely easy and also required. Parents are required to volunteer for a specific number of meets and for one event when they register to ensure our season runs smoothly. This volunteer workforce allows our coaches to fulfill their role of organizing the swimmers, watching them swim, and later instructing them to better their technique.

Parent volunteer jobs are easy to learn and do not require previous experience. Most parents can be trained at the swim meet just before their volunteer shift. Committees include the Fun Meet, Snack Shack, Sharkware, and Stroke and Turn Judging. If it is impossible for you to volunteer during meets, there are other behind-the-scenes jobs available.

Parent volunteer jobs include:

  • Timers - use stopwatch to time race and give time to Recorder
  • Recorders - write down time given by the 2 Timers, plus check name of swimmer
  • Runners - collects papers from Recorders at each lane and delivers to computer personnel
  • Herders - gathers and organizes swimmers 4 events prior to swimmers' event and deliver to coach
  • Snack Shack - sell snacks from concessions table, plus help with set up and break down
  • Ribbon Writers - place sticker on ribbon and file in ribbon box