Meet Sign-ups

Here is a master list of meet sign ups. These have deadlines (about 3 days before event) and they come up pretty fast. Feel free to sign up as soon as you know your availability. For Dual/Tri Meets, sign up for 3 individual events and 1 relay. We understand when folks get busy, we forget or don't write it down. In the event you sign up twice, we will go with the most recent entry should they be different.

NOTE: All entries are date & time stamped. Anything submitted after the specified deadline will be considered late and not guaranteed to swim.

Thursday June 20th vs Ladera (at home) - Dual Meet

Signups closed 6/18/19 10pm: [Sign-ups closed]

Thursday June 27th vs Burlingame (at home) - Dual Meet

Signups closed 6/25/19 10pm: [Sign-ups closed]

Friday July 12th vs Covington and Burlingame (at Mountain View High School) - Tri-Meet

Signups closed 7/8/19 9pm: [Sign-ups closed]

Tuesday July 16th vs. PCCA and Burlingame (at Sequoia High School) - Tri-Meet

Signups closed 7/13/19 5pm: [Sign-ups closed]

Saturday July 20th WBSL Championships (at College of San Mateo) - All Teams

[Sign-ups closed]