My main teaching specialties include International Economics (primarily macroeconomics and finance) and Data Analysis. I have designed or modified a number of courses, creating written and video materials in the process. I also enjoy teaching economic principles and educating consumers about personal finance.

I am a firm believer that economics must be used to explain realworld events, and structure my courses with that goal in mind. I have extensive experience and interest in serving firstgeneration and other nontraditional students, as well as Englishlanguage learners and those for whom the opportunity to attend college will make a major impact in their lives.

My data analysis materials are located on GitHub.
macroeconomics videos are arranged by course (with readings) and are also on YouTube.

Courses and Syllabi (CLICK HERE for all syllabi, 2006-present)

Fall 2022: (This is Tentative Until the First Day of Class)

ECON 321: International Monetary Theory (Aug. 23-Oct. 11) (Syllabus) (Notes) (Video Page)

Other courses that I regularly teach:

Macroeconomic Data Analysis (Syllabus) (Course site) (E-Book)

Applied Economic Statistics Using R (Syllabus) (Course site)

Business and Economic Statistics II (Syllabus) (Course site)

International Economics/Trade (Syllabus) (Old Syllabus) (Notes)

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (Syllabus) (Handouts)

Principles of Macroeconomics (Syllabus) (Online Syllabus) (Notes) (Reading List)

Principles of Microeconomics (Syllabus) (Topic list)

Some other courses:


Introduction to Econometrics and Forecasting Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

Financial Literacy Honors Seminar in Research and Creative Processes

University of Warsaw (Readings and Study Questions)

Economics in Political Decision-Making Economic Challenges during the Trump Administration Worldwide

Canisius College

International Finance (MBA) (UG) Regression and Forecasting (MBA)

Statistics for Managers (MBA) Money, Banking, and the Economy (MBA)

Beloit College

Principles of Economics International Economics International Trade and Finance


Economics Introduction to International Economic Relations