I originally recorded a set of Principles videos for students in my upperdivision courses, who might need a refresher. These work some of the same examples I use in class.   I have integrated the videos with a set of lecture notes and readings to offer this course online during Summer 2020.
There are also some videos for International Macroeconomics and Intermediate Macroeconomics, as well as for a few other topics, down below.

Principles of macro lecture notes (which include the numerical examples) are available here.
The Production Possibilities Frontier
Supply, Demand, and the Market Mechanism (Part 1)

GDP, Inflation, and Unemployment: Macroeconomic Measurements
GDP and Inflation: Numerical Example
Unemployment: Numerical Example

Macroeconomic Models
The Consumption Function
The Aggregate Expenditure (AE) Model
Deriving the Aggregate Demand Curve
The Aggregate Supply Curve (Thumbnail)

Macroeconomic Policy
Expansionary and Contractionary Policy
Fiscal Policy: Math and Formulas
Monetary Policy: Math and Formulas
The Money Market and Interest Rates
Exchange Rates: Math and Formulas

Intermediate Macroeconomics
The Balance of Payments and Capital Flows                                       (additional reading #1)     (additional reading #2)
Exchange Rates: Parity Conditions                                                         (additional reading)
Understanding Real Exchange Rates                                                     (additional reading)
The Monetary Model of Exchange-Rate Determination                    (additional reading)
Exchange-Rate Regimes                                                                            (additional reading)
The International Monetary System                                                     (additional reading)
The Economics of the Gold Standard                                                    (additional reading)
Understanding a Central Bank Report                                                 (NBP report)
Financial Literacy Presentations