I originally recorded a set of Principles videos as review for students in my upperdivision courses. I have integrated these videos with a set of lecture notes and readings to offer this course online. My YouTube channel is here.

There are also some videos (and notes) for International Macroeconomics, International Economics, and Intermediate Macroeconomics, as well as for a few other topics, down below. My data analysis videos are now linked through GitHub.

Principles of Macroeconomics (Lecture Notes)
[OPTIONAL] Economic Welfare          (.pdf notes)
The Balance of Payments and Capital Flows                                  (additional reading #1)     (additional reading #2)
Exchange Rates: Parity Conditions                                                (additional reading)
Understanding Real Exchange Rates                                              (additional reading)
The Monetary Model of Exchange-Rate Determination                    (additional reading)
Exchange-Rate Regimes                                                                (additional reading)
The International Monetary System                                                  (additional reading)
The Economics of the Gold Standard                                                (additional reading)
Understanding a Central Bank Report                                               (NBP report)

International (Micro)Economics       (Lecture notes)
Economic Welfare                                                                            (.pdf notes)
The Economics of Trade and Tariff Policy                                          (outside reading)
Financial Literacy Presentations