Associate Professor
Program Coordinator
Department of Economics
College of Arts and Sciences
Northeastern Illinois University
5500 N. Saint Louis Ave.
BBH 340C
Chicago, IL 60625

I am an economist and economic geographer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. I specialize in international macroeconomics and urban/economic geographySome of my current projects include a statistical analysis of urban conditions in central-city Milwaukee, a nationwide study of U.S. banking deserts,” and an econometric analysis of disparities in ethnic diversity across city borders

I am currently an Associate Professor of Economics at Northeastern Illinois University on the Northwest Side of Chicago. I am also heading the department as program Coordinator. I have taught at Canisius College in Buffalo (NY), Beloit College (WI), Milwaukee Area Technical College, and UWM, and have served as a visiting professor at the University of Warsaw. In addition, I work as an Englishlanguage editor for professional journals and individual manuscripts.

My research combines economics, geography, and statistical methods. 
One of my main areas of interest involves financial access in the U.S. and abroad; related to this, I also give talks to the NEIU community on various topics related to financial literacy. 

I received my Bachelor of Science in History from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire. My specialization was in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region, but my thesis examined mid20thcentury expressway expansion in innercity Milwaukee. I also studied International Relations (and got my first teaching experience) in UWECs  Political Science department. After working in publishing for a few years, I went back to school for my M.A. in Economics from UW–Milwaukee, and continued on to earn a Ph.D. from UWM in 2007.

In my spare time, I enjoy and play music of all types. I particularly like old school R&B, the classical works of Igor Stravinsky, norteña, Afrobeat, and Russian pop. I have played bass in a number of bands and gospel groups, and am currently working on performing both original and classic childrens songs on guitar.