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Extermination is a campaign which unites these maps:
Brief Changelog
Significantly modified lighting and gameplay in Midnight Harvest, Cold Catwalks and Communication Station, gameplay only in Yanaurus Mine, and lite gameplay changes in Area 9800 and Arctic Infiltration. 
All maps have fixed AI navigation graph (nodegraph) and the entire campaign can be completed with bots. Except Communication Station where they die at landing for some game bug reason. 
Fixed soundscapes for Midnight Harvest, Area 9800, Yanaurus Mine. 
Fixed custom sounds for Yanaurus Mine. 
Added custom battle music for all maps. In Audio settings set your music volume to high and remove your custom battle music if you added it before. 
Changed ending of Midnight Harvest and starting of Arctic Infiltration to be logically aligned. 

Download version 1.5 (2012.12.30)

Extermination Campaign v1.4

List of maps
  • extermination01port.bsp
  • extermination02road.bsp
  • extermination03arctic.bsp
  • extermination04area9800.bsp
  • extermination05catwalks.bsp
  • extermination06yanaurus.bsp
  • extermination07factory.bsp
  • extermination08comcenter.bsp
  • extermination09hospital.bsp
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Original maps can be downloaded here

Version 1.5 (2012.12.30)
  Fixed black visual artifacts that appear in far visible areas
  Fixed transparent vents
  Fixed in Onslaught, parasites jump out from the ground near the first hack
  Fixed Some aliens spawn and fall through the ground
  Fixed at mission start, grenade launcher aims through the metal grate floor
  Fixed drops in framerate
  Fixed spawners' height to be aligned to rail height
  Fixed tech marine requirement is not removed on last door hacked
  Fixed if squad moves fast to the Escape area the drop ship is stuck and doesn't move down.
  Fixed a stuckable area
  Fixed: some aliens are stuck and doesn't move
  Removed obsolete ambient generics
  Removed ugly doors' shadows
  Changed outside lighting colors and added special effects for the first ambush
  Decreased the amount of aliens in some places
  Added a small delay before dropping from the ship
  Fixed transparent vents

Version 1.4 (2012.10.05)
See Brief Changelog above