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This picture is one of my 3 entries for the 2009 Calontir Arts and Sciences Championship competition.  I chose to reproduce a single course from “menus for the month of August” as printed in ‘The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi’.  In particular, the “Lunch on a lean day” menu is the one from which I’ve taken this course.  This menu can be found in Book IV of Scappi’s Opera among others for the month of August.:
Scappi’s August Menu

Pranzo in giorno magro nell’antedetto mese d’Agosto, con due servitii di Credenza, & due di Cucina, servito a sette piatti, con sette Scalchi, & sette Trincianti
Primo servitio di Credenza

Primo servitio di Cucina

Secondo servitio di Cucina

Secondo & ultimo servitio di Credenza
Torte d’herbe alla Lombarda nu 7 piatti 7
Torte bianche nu 7 piatti 7
Gambari cott in vino, & spetierie, serviti con aceto & pepe nu 300 piatti 7
Persiche duraci monde in vino bianco nu 64 piatti 7
Noci monde state in vino rosso, servite con zuccaro sopra nu 200 piatti 7
Mozzarelle fresche Romanseche nu 21 piatti 7
Pere, & mele di piu sorte nu 126 piatti 7
Provature marzoline nu 14 piatti 7
Neve di latte, servita con zuccaro sopra  piatti 14
Cialdoncini fatti a scartocci nu 300 piatti 7
Ciambellette di monache nu 200 piatti 7
Lunch in a fast day in the aforesaid month of August, with two services from the sideboard and two from the kitchen, served in seven plates with seven butlers and seven carvers
(menu translated by Helewyse de Birkestad, OL, June 2002)
First service from the sideboard

First service from the kitchen

Second service from the kitchen

Second and last service from the sideboard
Tart of herbs in the Lombard style no 7 plates 7
White tart no 7 plates 7
Prawns cooked in wine and spices, serve with vinegar and pepper no 300 plates 7
Cling peaches peeled in white wine no 64 plates 7
Walnuts peeled, kept in red wine, served with sugar above no 200 plates 7
Fresh Roman mozzarella no 21 plates 7
Pears and apples of many kinds no 126 plates 7
Marzoline provatura no 14 plates 7
Snow of milk, served with sugar above  plates 14
Wafers made like paper no 300 plates 7
Little cakes of monaco no 200 plates 7
Scappi’s menus are split into services (courses).  The meal begins with “the first service from the sideboard”. This course is often referred to as the antipasti (appetizers).  The sideboard (or credenza) was essentially a cupboard where non-perishable foods and foods that could be served cold or at room temperature (and were prepared ahead of time) were kept.  The meal ends with “the last service from the sideboard”. This course is also called the postpasti (digestives).  Between the antipasti and postpasti, services (courses) “from the kitchen” are served.  The foods in the credenza courses can be either cold or hot, depending on the wishes of the cook and, in my opinion, would work best in the environment of this competition.
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