11th Century Scandinavia / Viking

About the Source:

Time period: 11th century

Country: Scandinavia/Viking

Modern source: Celtic Design Coloring Book. Ed Sibbett, Jr. 1979 Dover Publications.

Historical Source: Gospel of St Matthew and Preliminaries, Book of Kells

About the Scroll:

Type of scroll: Stargate Baronial Artisan

Scroll Recipient: Margaret Pierce

Date of Completion: May 1996

Paper: 2-ply Strathmore Bristol paper, 400 series

Ink: Platignum permanent black

Paint: Windsor-Newton gouache

Dimensions: 11x14

Additional Notes: Margaret had a viking persona, so this is an attempt at a Viking-type scroll written in runes. The beastie that makes up the capital "B" is found in the Book of Kells.