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What a telescope is to a scientist, the names of God are to his children.

M5 (Globular Cluster) 

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The Deep Ecliptic Survey





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The Kuiper Belt

 Minor Planet Center - look here for information about small bodies in our solar system or to learn about new objects that are discovered or need to be followed up.

The Deep Ecliptic Survey - a survey to discover and classify 500 Kuiper Belt objects. It ran from 2001-2005 using the 4-m telescopes at Kitt Peak and Cerro Tololo and the Mosaic camera.  

New Horizons - mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. 

Asteroids with Satellites - a list of binary objects in our Solar System. 

Observation planning 

JPL Horizons Ephemeris

Lowell Observatory asteroid database

STScI Digitized Sky Survey 

General Planetary Astronomy 

Planetary missions 

Space Imagery Center at the U of A 

LPL Outreach Page

HST Educational Outreach

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Chr-Astro - a resource for Christians in Astronomy