How to find surrogate mother

As intended parents, you will commit a lot of time and energy to find surrogate mother.

Finding the right surrogate mother is one of the most vital decisions you will take during the entire surrogacy journey.

You have two options to search surrogate mother: You can drive your own search using online communities, family and friends but also you can hire a surrogacy specialist to support you to find a surrogate.

surrogate mother

Find surrogate mother with an agency

Surrogacy specialist can provide most or all of the services you need during the surrogacy journey, including supporting you find a surrogate mother who is a good match for your personal characteristics, preferences and goals..

Whether you decide to work with an agency or go on your own to find surrogate, you need to create your surrogacy plan (surrogate agencies can guide you to build you surrogacy plan). This surrogacy plan will change depending on the country (USA, Canada, other) your surrogate mother lives.

There are advantages and disadvantages of searching surrogate mother with a surrogacy agency. Working with a surrogacy specialist could be safer, easier and sometimes faster, but it may not be for everyone. Here are some challenges to think about before choosing a surrogacy agency: Sometimes, some surrogacy specialist may not have very rigorous requirements for prospective surrogates and intended parents may have access to a more varied pool of surrogate mothers when searching on your own.

On the other hand a surrogacy agency could provide you info about reputable attorneys and fertility clinics and also coordinate the different phases of the process.

Find surrogate mother on your own

If you would rather find surrogate mother without an agency, you will pursue an independent surrogacy journey. In this case, you can find surrogate mother through online communities like MySurrogateMom, Facebook groups through your own networking (family, friends and coworkers) and work directly with a fertility lawyer and fertility clinic to complete the surrogacy.

find surrogate mother

How surrogacy works

Before stating your surrogate mother search it´s important you know how surrogacy works.

There are two forms of surrogacy process and you will have to find a surrogate mother who is willing to pursue the same surrogacy process than you.

A traditional surrogate mother will be a woman who gets pregnant via the artificial insemination of sperm. She will carry the child to term and delivers him/her after the birth the intended parents assume the parents’ rights. This process is most affordable but it´s riskier as the surrogate mother will be genetically linked to the baby.

The second option is the gestational surrogacy where the gestational carrier doesn´t use her own eggs so she is just the birth mother but she has no genetic link with the baby child. This process normally is more expensive but safer from a legal point of view.

Also it´s important you learn about the surrogacy laws in your country, state or province. Depending on where you live, there will be laws about the rights and obligations both parts (surrogate and intended parents) you have during the surrogacy journey. It’s essential to be aware that even if your country, state or province has now a favorable regulation, those laws are always subject to modification. In other words, by the time the baby is born, your state/province could totally modified its approach to surrogacy process so it´s important you get in contact with a reputable surrogacy attorney before starting your surrogacy process.

Find surrogate mother can be a challenging process, so remember to talk about your expectations and goals before matching that will help you to minimize surprises along the way.

Find surrogate mother