How to become a surrogate mother

For prospective surrogate mothers, becoming a surrogate mother requires a huge investment, not only of time and effort but also of trust in their intended parents.

The choice of intended parents is probably one of the most important steps of a successful surrogacy journey. Here, learn more about how to become a surrogate mother.

how to become a surrogate mother

What are your surrogacy goals?

Becoming a surrogate mother is a personal process, and every surrogate has their own personal goals and dreams for their surrogacy journey.

You need to think about the following things before starting your journey:

-          your reasons for being a surrogate

-          type of surrogacy (gestational o traditional surrogacy)

-          the type of intended parent you want to work with (local or international, couples or single, heterosexual or same sex couples)

-          your expectations of the intended parents during the surrogacy process

-          the type of relationship you want to have with your intended parents during and after the pregnancy

This information will help you to look for a set of intended parents whose expectations and preferences are similar to yours. But before starting your surrogacy journey you need to learn more about how surrogacy works and if you meet the requirements to become a surrogate mother.

becoming a surrogate mother

How to become a surrogate mother?

What is a surrogate mother? A surrogate is an altruistic woman who wants to help prospective intended parents create their families. Surrogates can have many different backgrounds but in general they must meet certain common requirements and complete a rigorous medical and psychological) screening

-          Be at least 21 years old

-          No smoking and drug use

-          Have a healthy BMI (calculate your Body Mass Index)

-          Have at least one previous pregnancy with no complications

-          Background checks

-          Willing to pass psychological and medical screenings

As surrogate mother you need to be sure that you are mentally and physically healthy enough to commit to the surrogacy journey.  If you believe that are ready to become a surrogate mother the next step will be to decide if you will find intended parents with an agency or you will go independently (think about the pros and cons of each option).

being a surrogate mother

How to find intended parents?

When you are ready to begin your surrogacy journey, whether you go Indy or you work with a surrogacy agency you will need to create a surrogate mother profile including a short introduction of you and your family and your surrogacy hopes and goals, this will help intended parents get to know you better.

Every surrogacy relationship is different, and during the matching process you need to check that your intended parent’s preferences for contact, type of surrogacy, abortion, number of embryo to transfer, etc. are similar to yours.

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Medical, psychological and legal requirements

While you are looking for intended parents you will also have the chance to ask questions and get to know them personally before signing the surrogacy agreement.

Being a surrogate mother is a physically and emotionally demanding process. You need to be aware that before the embryo transfer, you will need to pass a medical and psychological exam to ensure you are ready to carry a surrogate pregnancy.

After meeting all the requirements for becoming a surrogate mother, passing the screenings and have found the right intended parents, you will be ready to begin the legal and medical surrogacy process.

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