Becoming a surrogate mother

When you decide to become a surrogate mother, you are making a life-changing decision — not only for you but also for the couple or individual you are going to help.  

become a surrogate

Surrogacy is probably one of the most unique gifts you can give but you don’t have to forget that sometimes it can be a long and difficult process that will need strength and commitment.

Many women before becoming a surrogate wonder if they are ready to begin the surrogacy journey or how to become a surrogate.

Women searching for information about how to become a surrogate mother should first learn about the initial requirements. These requirements vary by surrogacy agency but some general qualifications may include:

1-      Between the ages of 21 and 45, but some agencies require their surrogates to be older or younger

2-      Healthy BMI

3-      No smoking or drug use

4-      Have at least one previous successful pregnancy without major complications

5-      Have no history of postpartum depression

If you fulfill the general requirements to become a surrogate mother then you are ready to move forward with the medical and psychological screening and the legal process.

becoming a surrogate mother

Now you are ready to take the next steps in the surrogacy journey:

1-      Choose the type of surrogacy you are interested in. Before starting you need to know there are  two types of surrogacy processes: traditional surrogacy (the surrogate mother is the biological mother of the baby) and gestational surrogacy (the baby is not linked to the surrogate

2-      Choose if you want to pursue an independent surrogacy journey or you will work with a surrogacy agency. Please be aware that process and legal regulations may vary based on your country, you can find more info about surrogacy in mysurrogatemom, please do your research before moving forward.

3-      Prepare a surrogacy plan. You need to decide about the types of intended parents want to help, how many embryos you would like to be transferred, contact with your intended parents during the pregnancy, feelings about abortion, and more.

4-      Finally, once you have prepared your plan, you are ready to find intended parents   and begin with the medical and psychological processes. At this point you are on your way to become a surrogate mother.

If you want to find more info how to become a surrogate this video will walk you through the pre-screening questions for your intended parents