Surface Hydrology and Erosion Group


  • At present, and mostly because it shares seasonally alternating hydrological processes characteristic of wet and dry basins, Mediterranean mountain area hydrology is still much less understood than the hydrology of more temperate or drier environments.
  • The research conducted by the Surface Hydrology and Erosion Group (IDAEA-CSIC) is oriented to the study of the hydrological dynamics of Mediterranean areas through a multidisciplinary and multiple-scale approach. Several aspects of the hydrological cycle are investigated, using mostly the Vallcebre Research Catchments (NE Spain) as a field laboratory to observe, quantify and model hydrological processes at the plot and catchment scale.
  • Since 2018, the Surface Hydrology and Erosion Group is also integrated within the Freshwater Ecology, Hydrology and Management research group (FEHM-Lab), in order to develop common approaches in hydrological and ecological research with a special focus on temporary rivers.