33rd Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications

Hosted by Western Kentucky University 

Bowling Green, KY

July 17-20, 2018


Western Kentucky University will host the 33rd Summer Conference in Topology and its Applications from the morning of Tuesday, July 17, 2018 to  Friday, July 20th, 2018.  Western Kentucky University is in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  The main meeting venue will be Snell Hall, at the northeast end of campus.

In addition to the traditional areas usually represented, the conference will include two sessions on applications of topology in the physical sciences.  The significance of the interplay between topology and physical sciences was highlighted in the awarding of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics to three researchers using topological methods.  We are pleased to announce that

 2016 Nobel Laureate J. Michael Kosterlitz will deliver a keynote address.

See the newly posted schedule (8 pages), program (84 pages), and local information. 

Special Sessions


 Topology in Analysis and Topological  


Dedicated to W. W. Comfort

Session organizers: Jerzy Kakol, Manuel Lopez-Pellicer, Elena Martin-Peinador, T. Christine Stevens


 Set-theoretic Topology


Session organizers: Alan Dow, Will Brian


 Topological Methods in Geometric Group



Session organizers: Mike Mihalik, Kim Ruane


 Dynamical Systems and Contiuum



Session organizers: Veronica Martinez-de-la-Vega, Chris Mouron



 Asymmetric Topology

Session organizers: Maria Manuel Clementino, Hans-Peter Künzi, Jesus Rodriguez-Lopez

 Applications of Knot Theory to Physical

Session organizers: Yuanan Diao, Claus Ernst
 The Interplay of Topology and Materials

Session organizers: Sanju Gupta, Birgit Kaufmann, Avadh Saxena

Local Organizing Committee

 Tom Richmond, Claus Ernst, Sanju Gupta

Scientific Advisory Committee

 Alan Dow, Craig Guilbault, Logan Hoehn, Jerzy Kakol, Judy Kennedy, Hans-Peter Künzi, Elena Martin-Peinador, Josef Slapal

Invited Speakers

                                                                       J. Michael Kosterlitz (Brown Univ.)
   Colin Adams (Williams College)    Eugene Mele (U. Penn.)
   Lori Alvin (Bradley U.)    Jan van Mill (Amsterdam)
   Sergey Antonyan (UNAM, XATU)    David Nelson (Harvard U.)
   Gerald Beer (Calilfornia State U. Los Angleles)    Piotr Oprocha (Krakow)
   Dorothy Buck (U. Bath)    Jorge Picado (Coimbra, Portugal)
   Salvador Hernandez (Castellon, Spain)    Krzysztof Piszczek (Poznan, Poland)
   Paula Ivon Vidal Escobar (UNAM Moreila, Mexico)    Matias Raja (Murcia, Spain)
   Craig Guilbault (U. Wisconsin Milwaukee)    Ivan Smalyukh (U. Colorado, Boulder)
   Chris Hruska (U. Wisconsin Milwaukee)     Emily Stark (Technion, Israel)
   Xiang-An Jing (Xiamen U., China)    Tom Vroegrijk (T.U. Delft, Netherlands)
   Wieslaw Kubiś (Prague)    Lyubomyr Zdomskyy (U. Wien)
   Andrea Medini (U. Wien)    Lynne Yengulalp (U. Dayton)


Abstracts:  The deadline for abstracts is June 5, 2018
Registration: The deadline for early registration, at $145 ($100 for students), is June 5, 2018.   After that, late registration is $245 ($200 for students).
Accommodation:  The rates given on the accommodations page are guaranteed until June 5, 2018

Early registration and accommodation reservations are encouraged!

The 33rd Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications is conducted in cooperation with the Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM), and supports the Non-Discrimination Statement of the AWM.