Q. Are you Kennel Club Listed?

A. Yes. Our Reference is AO/1297/GCDS.

Q. Do you train obedience?

A. Yes we train towards the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Certificate and the Good Citizen Awards of Bronze, Silver and Gold. We also have our own Wendlebury Woofs class for those who achieve Gold and wish to stay with us.

Q. How much does it cost to take the Kennel Club Award tests?

A. The usual hours training fee. Just enough to pay for the certificate, postage and a donation to dog rescue. We encourage the examination of our club dogs by impartial judges.

Q. I would like to bring my dog but I am embarrassed at the thought of how she/he might behave.

A. Don't worry if your dog misbehaves. No one will judge. If every dog that came to us behaved then we would be out of a job! If we don't think that we can help then we will suggest possible alternatives.

Q. I have heard there is a legal requirement for a dog tag?

A. Yes there is! Under the Control of Dogs Act 1992 it is a legal requirement for a dog to have a visible means of identification showing the owners name and address. A phone number is not required but is a sensible addition. If you do not have this you may receive a fine of up to £5,000. Presently micro chips alone do not count. By 6th April 2016 all dogs must be chipped. We encourage our members to engrave the name and phone number of their vets on the rear of the tag. You may choose to have an embroidered collar with the legal details if your dog is of a scurrying nature. If your dog does not have visible identification or microchip you will not eligible to enter a KCGCDS test.

Q. Who is the founder of Sues?

A. Sue Baker - Trainer and Kennel Club Assessor.

Q. How many weeks do your courses cover?

A. Each course is eight weeks in length. At the end of the course dogs should be able to pass the associated award. However, in some cases they may be deemed not ready by our impartial Assessor. Dogs just like people learn at differing rates.

Q. How many members do you have?

A. A true estimate of our membership can only be calculated once the courses have started. However, we aim to have no more than 10 dogs per class.

Q. I am afraid to let my dog off lead as he will not come back when called. Can I still attend?

A. Certainly you can. We can help with your dogs recall.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me?

A. We will need to see your dogs vaccination certificate. You should ensure that your dog is wearing a strong collar even if you use a noose, slip lead or harness. We prefer a standard lead of leather or nylon. Your dog may initially wear a Halti if pulling or walking to heel is a problem. Check chains, (we prefer half check), may initially be used in the obedience sessions provided they are used correctly. Please bring a bag of small treat rewards or a small squeaky toy. We suggest you weigh out your dogs daily allowance of food and place a handful in a draw string bag. You can use this as treats and you will not end up with an overweight dog. The Coaches bags on eBay are a suitable and convenient treat holder.

Q. I am thinking of getting a dog. Is there any advice you can give me?

A. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. Why not offer to dog sit a friends dog for a week or two to see how you get along? Your friends will tell you everything you need to do to keep their dog safe and well. In this way you can discover the lifestyle changes you will need to make. Still interested? Next give careful consideration to the breed you choose to find the right dog for you. Don't just look for a pretty face! Find out what job they were originally bred for and how much exercise they need. Draw up a short list of three breeds. Next we suggest you visit Discover Dogs where you can meet all the breeds and talk with the owners. They will tell you why and why you should not have their loved breed! Do select your breeder carefully. A good breeder will have more questions for you about your circumstances than you will have about their dog. They will always offer to take a dog back if things do not work out. Avoid motorway service collections and free to a good home! Ask for feeding advice and what inoculations have already been received. Try and see the mother if choosing a pup. Made your choice? Book a training slot before you bring your pup/dog home. Places are limited everywhere! Early socialisation and training, (especially the first 18 weeks), will prevent many problems that occur in adult dogs. Take your dog to your local vet for a health check as soon as possible. Your pup will probably come with free insurance for the first few weeks. Make the right choice of insurance company as switching will be difficult should your dog have existing conditions. Please don't forget to give a rescue dog a chance. Many end up in rescue simply because the owners fail to follow the above advice. Remember research, research and research. Good Luck!

Q. Sounds Good! How do I join?

A. Contact us via email or phone. Then print off the course application form and send or hand with your course fee to your trainer prior to course commencement. All visits by appointment only.

Further FAQ's will be added to this page as they arise - Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Final Word: Thinking of getting a dog? Would you buy a washing machine without first checking if it is the right model for you? Will it fit in your home? What do you need to do to keep it in good condition and maintained correctly? Or how much it would cost to run and maintain? A dogs life is more important than an inanimate machine! Your dog will only be with you for part of your life - you will be his or her whole life. Make it a great one!