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Sue Baker

Sue Baker
Gold Certificate

Sue has trained many different breeds of dogs to all levels of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Award since 2000. Sue is a founder member of Up N Over Agility Dog Training Club and the owner of Sue's Dog School - Wendlebury.

Sue is a Dr. Ian Dunbar and H&J's agility Graduate and has attended the Odin Instructors Course. Sue is a Qualified Animal Aider and holds a Peter Lewis Diploma in Changing Dog Behaviour. Sue has also attended the Dunbar Positive Reinforcement Seminar and DCT Inner Circle Course - Canine Body Language.

Approved Kennel Club Assessor for KCGCDS Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards, visiting several local clubs to examine their dogs. Sues Dog School is KC Listed Ref AO/1297/GCDS.

Over the past 21 years Sue has played a part in the training and rehabilitation of more than 3,500 dogs. Sue also works for dog rescue and helps to raise funds for local and national rescue centres.

Own Dogs: Border Collie Harlequin (Jay), Border Collie Red (Moss).

Jay 2 and 4 months! & Moss at 8 months.

Jay at 2 and 4 months

Jay comes from a noble working sheep dog line, Nap and June. A generous gift from two club members following the loss of Solo our 17 year old BC X JR X Staff. As you can see she has grown rapidly. Please don't mention the paws! Since Jay came to live with us, our first pup in 17 years, we have greater understanding and sympathy for those raising a pup :o) . Jay has now been joined by Moss our red Border Collie, offspring of Spice and also a gift from a previous club member. (Note from husband - "Lets just go and look she said ....sigh").

Moss at 8 weeks of age.

Can you see his paw print nose?

Our late dog Scully was rehomed with us when she was seven years of age. Life in the city did not suit her and so she came to live in the country. When Scully was ten she was diagnosed with type one diabetes. Dogs do not get type two like humans that can be controlled by diet. Consequently her condition was managed by twice daily injections of insulin. Her diet was strictly controlled. After her food she would come and sit and wait for her insulin. What a good girl she was- or perhaps it was the treat she knew she would receive after her dose? Thankfully our dogs are insured - are yours?

Over the years we have also been owned by Tam a traditional black and white Border Collie, Skye a Tri Colour Rough Collie and Breeze also a Rough Collie but a sable lad.

All our girls and boys are greatly missed.

Sue & Husky
Solo Snooze
Skye & Tam

Sue & a Husky

Solo Snoozing at 17

(abandoned at 6 weeks)

Skye - Lusha Dick Turpin

& pup Tam


Breeze - Ingledene Lost Love - Photo by Nick Ridley

Super Tam!

Of Kennels Farm Nr. Banbury

The late Scully - Scullywags!