Changes & Modifications

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Stock light on the left, stock plus same bulb in the fog light socket on the right. 

Taillight bulbs replaced with Sylvania P21

Door speakers replaced with 6 1/2" MA Audio coaxial speakers mounted from behind the door panel

Sub-woofer and amp under the rear seat.  A sub is mandatory when you travel with a bass player!

6.5" x 15" Mercedes alloys with 205/60-15 Yokohama Avid H4S tires - a big improvement over the stock 5.5 " x 14" wheels with 185R-14 tires

Maybe the best reason to install larger wheels is to be able to fit bigger brakes like these Audi units from Van Cafe in Santa Cruz

Brake lights including Lucas high-mounted third brake light

Brake lights with Chevy Astro high-mounted brake light in pop top

The silk dome tweeter sits just on the point of the dash and sounds good

Holes drilled in the seat bottom let the bass out

7" x 16" Mercedes steel wheels with 225/55-16 Continental ContiTouring Contact CH95 tires - even better handling!

The big Audi calipers and 1" vented discs make a big difference in both stopping power & pedal effort


Vanagon Wheel Alignment Specs

2WD Van Front:

Caster: ’80 to ’85 --- + 7 ¼ degrees

           ’86 to ’91 --- + 6 ½ degrees

Camber: ½ degree negative or - 30" (.4)

Toe: 3/32" toe-in or -2 mm or 20’ or .2

2WD Van Rear:

Camber: 1 degree negative, plus or minus       1/10th of a degree

Toe: 0